Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3- your best riding

Day 03- Your Best Riding

I’d have to say there were a few times I think I did some of my best riding, but I hope that my best really is yet to come.

The ride I went on with my old riding buddy last year, on a firey little black Arabian I think is on the top of the list. The fact that I had come so far with my riding and that I was no longer freaking out as the horse loped and galloped along the country side I think proved to her that I had grown as a rider.

Another one of my best rides would have been on my little lesson Arabian at our first dressage show. I was doing my Training Level test B, and just finishing up my second 20 meter circle when I lost my stirrup. During lessons I would have stopped the horse and then put my foot back in the stirrup, and tried again, but I realized it was a test, and I felt the rest of the ride had gone well so I didn’t want to screw it up. I rode out the rest of my test with only one stirrup and ended up placing first and even got reserve high point champion for the day. My riding instructor told me that she wished she would have had a video of the ride, because we looked so good. She thought it was one of the best rides she’d ever seen on him.

And finally one of my other best rides that comes to mind was last year, with Piney. I hopped on him bareback with just a halter and lead rope and went on a ride with my hubby and the dogs. Never in one million years did I ever expect to be riding a thoroughbred, bareback on a trail ride in just a halter and lead rope. I trusted him, and I felt comfortable with him enough that I could ride out for over an hour. It definitely was one of if not the best ride I ever had on Piney.


  1. Aw! Piney was such a sweetheart.

  2. I am the same way- i hope my best riding is to come! :) Always growing and progressing :)