Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow day

Snowed in today. Piney would rather stay outside of his shelter than in it. I had to bribe him to go inside.

I bet he wishes he was back in California!

Obsessed with these!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


If you've never been crazy about thoroughbreds it's because you've never been around where they are much and don't know any better. They're beautiful. There isn't anything so lovely and clean and full of spunk and honesty and everything as some racehorses.  

-- Sherwood Anderson

Monday, February 27, 2012

Confessions of a Tack Hoarder...Part Two

I’ve admitted to it before and I will admit to it again. I am a Tack Hoarder. I have plenty of tack and could probably live the rest of my life and not have to buy another single piece of tack as long as I take decent care of what I have. But I mean if someone is going to just GIVE me new tack I’m not going to say “no thanks! I’ve got PLENTY of tack already, and I couldn’t possibly use any more!” That would obviously be rude! Right? Back me up here. Okay so MAYBE I have a problem.

A couple of weeks ago my husband was on the phone and I heard him say “wait, how many saddles did you buy?” My ears perked up and I my interest peaked each time I heard mention of other pieces of tack. My hubby’s father went to a tack auction and got us a bunch of good deals!  And that is just awesome in my book. Turns out he got us two more western saddles, a HUGE tote filled with horse treasures, and a giant stack of horse books. So if you are keeping track we now have 8 saddles, well 9 if you count the bareback pad…I don’t. That’s 5 western saddles, 2 English saddles and 1 Aussie saddle.  And still only 2 horses. However there has been talk of adding another horse to the herd. But that’s a topic for another day.

We finally made it back to hubby’s hometown last weekend to pick up all the new treasures. It was more than I could have ever imagined! The tub-o-tack was over flowing with treasures. I didn’t get a real inventory of what was in there but we are pretty much set for life. I think I counted 9 halters in there, give or take. Some were brand new with tags, some had been used but had plenty of use left. As far a lead ropes go…we are good now. When the horses came home we only managed to have one. We had to borrow another one from my husband’s family. Lead ropes are one of those things I’ve bought plenty of over the years of my horse ownership, but they always seemed to magically disappear when I was boarding. Strange right? But at my last barn I only lost one rope and I didn’t really care it was a nasty white cotton lead rope with a stud chain. Seriously who makes lead ropes white? and I never used it anyways. No need to buy another one for quite some time as we have plenty now! If I thought we were good in the headstall department before, well now we are really good. There were two just everyday western leather headstalls and then three Weaver nylon headstalls. I’ve had my eye on the nylon headstalls for quite some time. We now have two pink and one purple (and a little light pink Weaver dog collar for my little girl dog). Up until this year I didn’t have any nylon headstalls now I have 6 of them. Hmmm hoarding problem much? Hubby had originally sent his dad to the auction to look for some tie downs, because hubby didn’t like any of the ones I had. I honestly have no idea why I even have multiple tie downs…I used one back in the day with Yellow for like 2 days. But apparently they have been multiplying in my tack room and now it’s safe to say that we have about 15. Good grief right?
In addition to the 2 new western saddles we got, we also got two green saddle stands and two saddle pads and then two saddle blankets. All brand new never been used. I am seriously addicted to saddle pads and blankets though. I have tons of them. I can match them to anything I am wearing. Which is obviously one of the most important things when you ride, right? Totally kidding…but I’m serious about my addiction to saddle pads.

In addition to ALL my fun new stuff there were some bridle racks which will be filled the moment they get mounted on the wall. As well as two racks that I’m not 100% sure what they are for. I’m thinking they are for hanging winter blankets, sheets, fly scrims, coolers etc so that’s what I’m gonna use them for. It’s just what the Dr. ordered because, continently, I have a couple dozen of them in my possession.  Most of the sheets from my last huge tack acquisition were for Arabians, 40 years ago. Horses have gotten bigger in 40 years. And thoroughbreds are just bigger than Arabians and that’s that. I did try on one of the sheets on Piney a few weeks ago and he was like “Hey mom! Fat guy in a little coat! Fat guy in a little coat!” it was pretty adorable. I should have gotten pictures!  I guess we are going to have to get smaller horses in the future! All my vintage show halters are WAY too small for Piney’s tiny TB head. True story, he wears a cob sized bridle. But he was a good sport when I tried them all on him anyways. I think this spring when I can finally re arrange the barn and put things in their permanent homes I will take an actual inventory and post it here. Maybe not, that might be far, FAR too embarrassing. AAAANNNNNDDDD…I just realized that I have trunks with tack that are in storage in town too…Uff da! I am out of control!

I mentioned earlier that I got a stack of books with the tack. I am also a horse book hoarder. I have a rather large library of horse books. Since we are still unpacking in our new home I’m not even sure where to put my rather large library.  But the newest books are awesome. I think there are around 20 of them and they cost $3 for all of them. Awesome! There are a few on Thoroughbreds, but mostly on breeding and investing in them. There are some books on operating a successful horse business, and one on 50 horse careers. There is one on making horse clothing which ALMOST inspires me to learn to sew. I asked hubby if these books were a sign that I should start a horse business. He said no. I believe him. There was also one book with hundreds of horse quotes in it. I LOVE IT. So many fantastic quotes!

So that is it, I am a horse tack hoarder. But a least this year I haven’t spent a penny on horse tack, nor do I need to in the next year! But I’m sure I will, I can’t help it! Sometimes it’s just a darn good deal and it's too good to pass up!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Training Dummy

If I ever get a fiesty OTTB I want this!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I dont' really get it...

I love backyard breeders. I mean keeping your registered thoroughbred a stud and charging $350 a breeding is basically a great way to make some extra cash right?! Who wouldn’t want to breed their mare to a stallion who was "roughly measured" at 17 hands and was raced in New York as a 3 year old! I mean that sounds like a pretty fancy horse!

Here is his ad

I have a registered thoroughbred stud up for stud service. He is about 17 hands tall. That was a rough measure of him. He has a good bloodline and has raced in New York as a 3 yr old. I'm asking 350 a mare. You can bring your horse up to my place and get it done, it will be taken care of. They must be halter broke.

And here is another for the same horse.

Have a thoroughbred stud for stud service, he is registered with the jockey club. He was foaled in Kentucky by Came Home and Istinad He stands about 16H+ tall. Was raced as a 3 yr old in New York at the Aqueduct Track twice. He's 8 now, and still pretty good to handle around mares. Very well mannered. Very well built horse. He does have Secretariat, Gone West, Gold Digger, and Northren Dancer in his bloodline.That's just to name a few. I would like $350 a mare. They must be HALTER BROKE.

Upon doing a little digging this horse raced twice and finished 8th and 4th. In his race where he finished 8th he “tired after ½ mile. I just don’t get it. There is no reason that this horse should be reproducing. He isn’t very appealing to the eye. It doesn't sound like a particularly fast horse, so breeding him to add some speed just doesn't sound like it's going to happen. I just don’t get it. I guess owning a Thoroughbred stud is a license to print money right?  Especially one that has Secretariat and Northern Dancer in thier lineage!! My horse has Northern Dancer in his lines, my friends Thoroughbred does too. My horse also has war admiral! but guess what they made him a gelding. He wasn't really worth keeping as a stud because in his line of work he sucked!...however if Piney was still a stud I'd pick him to breed to a mare over this horse hands down. Piney's got a great temperment which I hope would be passed on, he's smart, calm, and an all around good boy. He didn't have the speed to be a race horse (he did A LOT better than this horse though) but he's got beautiful movement as a dressage horse and a jumper. I guess I just don't get idiots thought processes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm a jerk...

So yeah, I am a jerk. I often think this when I see snooty girls stomping around the mall wearing riding boots. They all look like the type that have never seen the inside of a barn or been on the back of the horse. I know I shouldn't typecast but I do. A lot. For me I feel that my riding boots are a right of passage. I earned my boots. It is really really dumb to feel that way I'm sure. I didn't get my dress boots until I'd cleaned hundreds of stalls, spent hours in the saddle, been stomped on, dragged, bitten, had snot blown all over, and truely loved and been loved by a horse. They were something I wanted my WHOLE life! I would see riders wearing beautiful black boots in my old horse books and thought one day when I have a horse I will have fancy boots like this. And I finally got them for my birthday a few years ago from my boyfriend/now husband.  They are beautiful but they are for function and not fashion and I did my time and earned the right to wear them .Yep I'm a!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mukluk Giveaway!

Stop on by Honestly...WTF for the chance to win a pair of these beauties from Manitobah Mukluks! My awesome dad JUST got me a pair of them and they are amazing. Like seriously, best boot ever! I almost cried last night when it was time to take them off and go to bed. But I was excited to wake up because it was time to put on another pair of Mukluks!

I know, I know...they are not riding boots but they are the best, most amazing, boots ever! I have 4 pairs of Manitobah Mukluks in different styles and they are like heaven to wear. Seriously! I wear them without socks and my feet stay so toasty warm in the coldest conditions that its insane! And although my feet are toasty warm they NEVER get sweaty. The foot bed is lined with sheepskin so it helps regulate the temperature of your feet. 
Manitobah Mukluks is the same company I got mukluks from for my bridesmaids as a Thank-you-for-being-here-for-me-on-my-big-day gift. I am always getting calls and texts from all over the country from my bridesmaids telling me how many complements they are getting on their awesome boots with the fur. They love them.

I entered that picture in a contest on Manitobah Mukluks Facebook page which won me a pair of THESE beauties...which are currently on my feet and the warmest most enjoyable boot I've ever worn, next to my yellow ones, and black ones...and white ones... Anyways! Stop on by Honestly...WTF and try you chance at winning a new pair of boots to enjoy when you aren't wearing you riding boots! Your feet will thank you!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend update.

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful. Friday was super foggy which ended up leaving everything beautiful and frost covered. I was too busy during daylight hours to take pictures, dang it! I had the perfect, most beautiful shot planned out in my head of my two red horses standing out against the monochromatic background of the snow covered fields and frost covered trees. I have a mental picture of it in my head though. It was so beautiful to see.

With temps in the low 40’s and upper 30’s I did get some time to ride on Sunday. Hubby has found out that if he takes Tucker for a run with the 4-wheeler it burns off most of the Terrier energy and therefore we have an easier to handle dog. Fun fact I learned this weekend. A Boston terrier can run up to 25 miles per hour! They can run that fast for an extended period of time too! After Tuckers run hubby ran into the house to just check the basement, and sure enough there was a burst pipe and water all over the floor. Thankfully we don’t have a finished basement it’s just a creepy farmhouse basement like they are supposed to be. So I had to make an impromptu trip into town to grab some repair supplies. Sure enough when I got into town hubby told me that he fixed it and that I didn’t really need to go to town. His cell phone doesn’t work very well out at our place so the 3 times he tried to call me didn’t get through. There is something you can buy to boost mobile phone service so I’m looking into that. I really don’t want to be without cell phone service around the farm.

After my quick trip to town I rushed out to the barn and saddled up. It always seems that I’m burning daylight when I go to ride and that I am super rushed. I hate that. Piney hates that. He was being super pokey on our way to the barn so I went to smack him in the butt with my lead rope and ended up popping myself in the face instead. When I started tacking up he was picking up on my hurried energy and was kind of full of himself and prancy. I thought I’d be in for a bit of a treat when we headed down the road. No such luck. He is lazier than ever! He is usually two or three lengths behind Duke when we ride. I mean really Piney? You were a race horse! You won races! Lol. I love that horse but at times I wish he had a bit more fire in him. Not the kind of fire where I’m constantly holding him back and can’t enjoy a nice relaxing trail ride for fear of him bolting down the road. But just a bit more pep in his step! It really doesn’t help that he’s got a giant hay belly. I gotta get him in shape! I can’t wait to get time to ride all the time! But even if Piney is super lazy we had a great ride and enjoyed riding in February, outside, with only a light fleece, in North Dakota! I rode on the buckle the entire time and that is a pretty good feeling.

The farm layout. (white lines are where current fences are)
But, as enjoyable as riding down the road on a calm and reliable horse is, I can’t help but think that I enjoy riding in an arena more. It sounds crazy and most people would think I am crazy for feeling that way but it’s true. I love doing patterns, and jumping! Hubby and I were discussing arenas the other day. We both agreed that we need an enclosed area where we can work the horses, especially when we start to work on desensitizing his horse and I start to work on Piney’s canter. I understand that things can go horrifically wrong in an enclosed area just the same as if we were anywhere else, But I just feel safer knowing that if my horse kills me, both my body and my horse are in the same area. We have an area in mind where we are going to put it. We just need to decide what kind of fencing to use. I want it to be built as cheaply as possible but still be safe and aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully we can accomplish that.

I also noticed when riding yesterday, that I felt like I was doing everything wrong. It’s like I need my riding instructor there correcting me, praising me, or telling me what to do next. I know that I was riding correctly and I was doing everything that I normally do it just feels so weird to me. I don’t know how to make it stop either. My hubby on the other hand. Well he doesn’t appreciate my helpful riding tips or suggestions lol. Especially when his horse is being naughty. It’s best to

I also feel like I’m not doing everything right in regards to horse keeping either. Even when it comes down to my tack room, I feel like I’m putting things in the wrong place or that I should be doing things a different way. I am really a person who needs to be told what to do and that is really pathetic. That is one of those things I NEED to work on!

But that’s about it for now. Oh I suppose I better post a picture of Tucker Pants on his warm up lap before he went on his run…I really need to stop "neglecting" my other two dogs and horses and feature pictures of them! But Tucker is just so funny looking that it's fun to take pictures of him!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

invisable horses

I saw these videos this morning and I about died laughing

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I had to take formal senior pictures for my husband's cousin today but first I needed a model to test the lighting...So I grabbed my tall dress boots and my vintage Tony Lama boots and did a photo shoot. Here are some of my favorite shots.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Update on the Christmas Pony!

I guess i never did a follow up on the pony that we boarded until Christmas! He is doing great and being loved upon by his little girl all the time! She rides him every single day! How is that for dedication?
It was the cutest thing ever seeing her expression as she came out of the house to see pony standing on the sidewalk covered in bows and all tacked up. She was grinning ear to ear as she rode around the yard in her Christmas dress. We talked about names for him and I told her that the name he came with from "Santa's pony farm" was Inky but she could name him anything she wanted. She had been on a kick where she was naming everything Lena after her grandmother's dog that had just been put down. So we were betting that she was going to name him Lena too. But I suggested "Ole" since Ole was Lena's husband in those Norwegian jokes. She lit up and nodded when I suggested the name! His "official" name is Pony Ole. I love it.
She is in love and that is one lucky pony.