Thursday, October 27, 2011

Old Pictures...

I found an old picture the other day and it got me thinking...What I wouldn't give to go back to this day. It was a 4th of July parade back in 2006. Even thought I smiled for the picture I was not a happy camper all day. Firstly I arrived here to see that somone, who was totally meaning well, chopped off Yellow's tail to his hocks, they had also put something in his mane that made it super greasy and mixed with the dirt in his forelock it was a greasy mess. I remember being so paniced about his mane was also so thin and whispy from being rubbed away I roached it off 5 minutes before we had to head up to the parade.
Heading up to the start of the parade he was a dream to ride. but when we got to the start of the parade we were headed back "home" and he slowly started to come undone. I had to hold him back and keep him from prancing all the way home. He didn't spook at anything thought which was great, especially since there were clowns, and kids and candy being thrown everywhere. The parade ended right by a big open field across from where we were staying. The people I was riding with were inexperienced horse people and just let their horses gallop for home. I on the other hand didn't allow that sort of behavior. He fought me to the point where I gave up and hopped off. I'd rather lead him home than have an ongoing fight. So that's what  I did. We walked home as I swore at him under my breath the entire way home.
This picture was taken right as we got back "home" I was hot sweaty and tired with the promise of a nice cold beer (acutally more like 10!) at the lakes when I got done. I untacked the monster and and cooled him off before I loaded him in the trailer and sent him home with my boss at the time. Then raced to the lakes to enjoy my beers.
I want that day back. I want to do things differently. First and foremost I want to go back and have that body back!! Holy Moly! I didn't realize I was  that tiny! haha. But I want to go back and enjoy every moment of that ride, the good AND the bad. I want to take the knowledge I have about riding now and apply it to my ride that day. The rider I am today wouldn't hop off and walk home. I'd work on not rushing home. I've come so far in my confidence in the saddle too that I would have been able to better handle the ride.
 I also would have ignored all the calls and texts from my then boyfriend and his friends telling me to hurry up and get to the lakes. Because I would later in life find out that the boyfriend was a complete d-bag that would fall out of love with me when I stoped being as thin as I was in this picture. I would have spent as much time as possible just being with my horse and not taking Yellow for granted thinking he would always be there for me. Had I known that 2 years later he would be taken from me forever I maybe would have done things differently.

I only have a handful of pictures of Yellow. I think i only have 3 of me actually riding. I hate that...I hate that he is gone forever and that I will never forgive myself for taking him for granted. If I could go back things would have been different but I wouldn't be where I am today...

At my old barn

On the driveway at my old barn.

Big Sky, Montana

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm still here!

I promise an update! I really do! I have been swamped with the new house, weddings, photography and vacations. My head is spinning! and not to mention this weekend I turn...dun-dun-dunnnnn 30! 

So when I have a free moment I PROMISE that I will post pictures of the new place and update the status of the new farmstead.

Also in other exciting news hubby's cousin said he would trailer the horses down for us this fall so we wouldn't need to make an added trip up there. Hurray! now that just means we need to get our butts in gear and get that fence up!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick Texas update

We made it home yesterday afternoon and it feels good to be home! I LOVED Texas! We spent the first few days in Port Aransas in a beautiful beach front condo. I could definitely get used to that! The weather was warm and the gulf was like bath water. I’m not normally a beach person. I prefer the prairies BUT for a few days of relaxation on the beach I made an exception. Port Aransas was a fun little town. The restaurants there were fantastic and I think I spent a majority of the time eating. My sister in law got married on the beach and it was beautiful. They had a small dinner for the people who made it down to Texas and are having their real reception up here next week.

Our view in Port A

After Port A we headed to San Antonio. We stayed right on the Riverwalk and had fun walking down the river and seeing the sights. We took the boat tour which I recommend if you are ever in San Antonio. The tour guide we had was hilarious and we learned a lot about the riverwalk. and of COURSE we stopped at the Alamo. It was an experience I’ll never forget, mostly because its size. It was a lot smaller than I had envisioned. But it was awesome none the less. We watched the Alamo Imax movie and learned all about it. I love how proud of their history Texans are! I also love how proud of their state Texans are! Everything has the state symbol on it. It was pretty awesome!

The Alamo!
I wanted this guy.

We were only there for a week but it was a very fun filled week. We saw things and experienced things I’ve always wanted to do. OH and I almost forgot! While we were in Port A we took the drive out to Kingsville to the famous King Ranch! That was pretty awesome! Now I wouldn’t recommend the tour to everyone because basically you sit on a bus and drive around a ranch looking at cows and a few horses. But for those interested in ranching history or agricultural history I highly recommend it. They currently have around 60 broodmares and a few stallions. At one time they had 2,500 horses! Can you even imagine? One fun thing I learned is that when halter training the foals they will tie them to a donkey because they will NOT be pulling a donkey around haha. That mental picture made me laugh.

But all in all it was a wonderful trip and I got to relax even if all I did was eat and eat and eat! I would definitely go back some day!

On another side note, we became home owners today!! Signed the paperwork and now the work begins so we can get Piney home!! Yay!