Friday, November 12, 2010

my jumping bean...

Last night I had one of the girls at the barn give me a huge complement on my monster. She said that she saw him jumping during one of his lessons with a young boy, and that he was probably the most beautiful jumper in the barn. YAY PINECONE! Things like that make me happy.

I rode him last Saturday and he was for the most part perfect. We did some baby jumps and a few low cross rails before he got REALLY fussy.

Or conversation went like this

Me: Walk!

Pinecone: NO! *ears pinned*

Me: Ok buddy. Please walk? *leg squeeze*

Pinecone: I said NO! *cow kick*

Me: WALK! *leg squeeze, light tap with crop*

Pinecone: FINE!! *buck, kick, buck*

Me: Thank you, now quit being a creep! I CAN and WILL bring you back to the ranch where I got you and you can sit there for years where no one will adopt you and love you and give you treats.

This happened one other time and then I figured something was wrong. He NEVER gives me that much attitude. I hopped off and then felt like a huge jerk when I realized that his saddle was pinching him. He’s put on some weight and I had forgotten to resize the gullet in my saddle. There were telltale signs on his pad and gel pad. I’m a horrible mother and I suck at life sometimes.

Someone said that he must have just really been excited to jump if he was willing to work through the pain for the first part of our ride. And we’ve all come to the conclusion that he wants to be a jumper. I see some of the horses at the barn jumping and they never really seem excited about it. They are just going through the motions because their “person” wants to jump. Do you think that it’s true that some horses like to jump more than others? Or is that something I’m just telling myself. I’ve ridden cutting horses who LOVE to chase cows. The moment they see a cow they just light up. ( I never actually got to cut cattle and I’m sad about that!) I’ve worked with racehorses who love to run. They get so pumped before the race they basically drag you to the paddock to tack up and then parade around it like a champion before the race(even if they come in last place durring the race.) And I’ve worked with racehorses who basically do a death march to the track. My friends horse LOVED being a Roping horse and she eventually had to sell him to someone who was going to rope more than she did because he just wasn’t happy not being used. I think some horses love having jobs, while other horses love being unemployed lol

just for fun i wanted to post pictures of my Pinecone...because I love him...