Monday, November 21, 2011

I want a pony for Christmas!

We bought this pony tonight! Sadly we don't get to keep him as he is a Christmas present for my Hubby's 4 year old cousin from her parents. I love him! His name is Inky!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

You may think it's funny, but it's snot.

Piney and Duke have settled in wonderfully. They are both super relaxed and seem very happy. However today I went out to check on them and noticed that Piney had a LOT of yucky, yellow snot in his left nostril. It's disgusting and I have no idea what it is and its making me a very worried mom. It wasn't there yesterday and in the entire time I've owned him he's never been sick before. I of course googled the symptoms when I got home and sounds like it might be a respiratory infection, but it could be a million other things. So looks like I'll be calling the vet first thing in the AM.  If anyone has any advice, or thoughts of what it could be I'd gladly appreciate any input.
I HATE when things like this happen. It makes me feel like such a worthless horse owner and that having Piney at home was a bad idea. When I was boarding I had people to ask, and people who could take care of him for me. I have a lot of horse knowledge, but I still feel like i don't know anything. I feel so unworthy of horse ownership sometimes. Grrrrr I shouldn't feel like this!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Guess who's home?

Yep! He arrvied yesterday at about one in the afternoon. He was supposed to arrive Saturday night but hubby had some trouble with my pickup on the voyage out there and ended up having to replace the radiator. I'm just glad it happened on the way out there and not on the way back with a trailer full of horses. I stayed at the farm to get some painting projects done with my mom.

I’d like to tell you that Piney hopped right up into the trailer and was a dreamboat about it. But that is not the case. In fact when we get a chance looks like me and Mr. Pinecone will be working on trailer loading. Hubby woke up early and went and gave the monster the Tryptophan that I had sent along with him. Last time we used it, it seemed to help mellow him out about trailering. It wasn’t as powerful as the vet administered tranquilizer that was needed a few times but it helped him relax. Well he waited a few hours and loaded up the truck with all of the stuff we had there. The trailer he used was the same one we used to haul him up there. It’s a 70’s model WW 4 horse/stock combo. He was going to load his horse up first, since his horse weighs about twice what piney does, then close the middle divider and put Piney in the back. Well hubby’s horse hopped right in like an old pro even though he hadn’t been in the trailer in about 5 years .Then it was Piney’s turn. He wasn’t having any of it. He wanted nothing to do with the trailer. Even with his buddy up front he would rather walk home than load in to that trailer. Well he unloaded his horse and then they tried to put Piney in first. It ended up being a 3 man job. Yes a 3 man job to load a horse into a trailer than has probably been loaded and unloaded dozens of times during his career as a race horse. But they managed to load him up front close the door and then get hubby’s horse into the back compartment, and off they went.

Unloading went much better. Hubby’s horse hopped right on out and so did Piney. We will definitely be working on the trailer loading situation. It’s his only flaw! The horse is a dream to work with unless it’s trailer time! But one I got him unloaded and took a good look at him, I turned him out in the pasture and he started happily grazing. I might add that he looks good! He is still ribby, but that horse can have constant access to food, and grain twice a day and he would still be ribby. He is in need of a good grooming as he has some mud balls in his mane, and his tail, oh his poor tail, it needs some tlc! When I dropped him off it was huge and thick and long and beautiful. Now it is short and wispy and it just looks sad. I wish I had just 20 minutes to spend with my boy but sadly I am way too busy. Plus he is too busy scouting out his new home to even come near me to let me give him a kiss. But It is a huge relief to have him home and happily munching in his pasture.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


OTTB Designs posted this picture on their facebook wall.

That giraffe horse looks JUST like Piney! I love this idea and I want to do something like this next halloween! I can't get over how much this guy looks like Piney...especially that face!

Also. Piney might be coming home this weekend. That is all.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guess who?

Guess who is  FINALLY coming home in a few weeks?