Friday, February 3, 2012

Update on the Christmas Pony!

I guess i never did a follow up on the pony that we boarded until Christmas! He is doing great and being loved upon by his little girl all the time! She rides him every single day! How is that for dedication?
It was the cutest thing ever seeing her expression as she came out of the house to see pony standing on the sidewalk covered in bows and all tacked up. She was grinning ear to ear as she rode around the yard in her Christmas dress. We talked about names for him and I told her that the name he came with from "Santa's pony farm" was Inky but she could name him anything she wanted. She had been on a kick where she was naming everything Lena after her grandmother's dog that had just been put down. So we were betting that she was going to name him Lena too. But I suggested "Ole" since Ole was Lena's husband in those Norwegian jokes. She lit up and nodded when I suggested the name! His "official" name is Pony Ole. I love it.
She is in love and that is one lucky pony.

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