Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I dont' really get it...

I love backyard breeders. I mean keeping your registered thoroughbred a stud and charging $350 a breeding is basically a great way to make some extra cash right?! Who wouldn’t want to breed their mare to a stallion who was "roughly measured" at 17 hands and was raced in New York as a 3 year old! I mean that sounds like a pretty fancy horse!

Here is his ad

I have a registered thoroughbred stud up for stud service. He is about 17 hands tall. That was a rough measure of him. He has a good bloodline and has raced in New York as a 3 yr old. I'm asking 350 a mare. You can bring your horse up to my place and get it done, it will be taken care of. They must be halter broke.

And here is another for the same horse.

Have a thoroughbred stud for stud service, he is registered with the jockey club. He was foaled in Kentucky by Came Home and Istinad He stands about 16H+ tall. Was raced as a 3 yr old in New York at the Aqueduct Track twice. He's 8 now, and still pretty good to handle around mares. Very well mannered. Very well built horse. He does have Secretariat, Gone West, Gold Digger, and Northren Dancer in his bloodline.That's just to name a few. I would like $350 a mare. They must be HALTER BROKE.

Upon doing a little digging this horse raced twice and finished 8th and 4th. In his race where he finished 8th he “tired after ½ mile. I just don’t get it. There is no reason that this horse should be reproducing. He isn’t very appealing to the eye. It doesn't sound like a particularly fast horse, so breeding him to add some speed just doesn't sound like it's going to happen. I just don’t get it. I guess owning a Thoroughbred stud is a license to print money right?  Especially one that has Secretariat and Northern Dancer in thier lineage!! My horse has Northern Dancer in his lines, my friends Thoroughbred does too. My horse also has war admiral! but guess what they made him a gelding. He wasn't really worth keeping as a stud because in his line of work he sucked!...however if Piney was still a stud I'd pick him to breed to a mare over this horse hands down. Piney's got a great temperment which I hope would be passed on, he's smart, calm, and an all around good boy. He didn't have the speed to be a race horse (he did A LOT better than this horse though) but he's got beautiful movement as a dressage horse and a jumper. I guess I just don't get idiots thought processes.


  1. it's always questionable when the STUD looks like he's in foal.

  2. It will drive you crazy trying to figure out why people do this. I put in in the same category as people who run puppy mills - lets make money off animals!

    Love your comment, Niamh!! :-)

  3. Ha! My quarter horse has Secretariat in his bloodlines!!! He's a QH! : P lineage means nothing!