Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm a jerk...

So yeah, I am a jerk. I often think this when I see snooty girls stomping around the mall wearing riding boots. They all look like the type that have never seen the inside of a barn or been on the back of the horse. I know I shouldn't typecast but I do. A lot. For me I feel that my riding boots are a right of passage. I earned my boots. It is really really dumb to feel that way I'm sure. I didn't get my dress boots until I'd cleaned hundreds of stalls, spent hours in the saddle, been stomped on, dragged, bitten, had snot blown all over, and truely loved and been loved by a horse. They were something I wanted my WHOLE life! I would see riders wearing beautiful black boots in my old horse books and thought one day when I have a horse I will have fancy boots like this. And I finally got them for my birthday a few years ago from my boyfriend/now husband.  They are beautiful but they are for function and not fashion and I did my time and earned the right to wear them .Yep I'm a!


  1. I love when I come back from the stable in my riding boots, and I get asked on the elevator what those WEIRD boots I'm wearing are. I tell them that they are REAL riding boots, not these slouchy, buckle-fest, fashion ones girls like to wear. Love the picture!

  2. Right?! I've even seen fashion paddock boots with fake half chaps! Everytime I see a display with "riding boots" I do stop to investigate and look them over to see if I could actually ride in them. more so than not the answer is no way BUT I did get a pair of rubber boots with plaid uppers that have a spur rest on them and they actually can be used to ride in.

  3. I want to wear my hard earned dress boots everywhere... but don't.

    I do wear breeches about everywhere except work (office) and paddock boots w/half chaps. Ooh the looks ~ I don't care because 95% of the time, I also have shavings stuck to me, and hay in my hair.