Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mukluk Giveaway!

Stop on by Honestly...WTF for the chance to win a pair of these beauties from Manitobah Mukluks! My awesome dad JUST got me a pair of them and they are amazing. Like seriously, best boot ever! I almost cried last night when it was time to take them off and go to bed. But I was excited to wake up because it was time to put on another pair of Mukluks!

I know, I know...they are not riding boots but they are the best, most amazing, boots ever! I have 4 pairs of Manitobah Mukluks in different styles and they are like heaven to wear. Seriously! I wear them without socks and my feet stay so toasty warm in the coldest conditions that its insane! And although my feet are toasty warm they NEVER get sweaty. The foot bed is lined with sheepskin so it helps regulate the temperature of your feet. 
Manitobah Mukluks is the same company I got mukluks from for my bridesmaids as a Thank-you-for-being-here-for-me-on-my-big-day gift. I am always getting calls and texts from all over the country from my bridesmaids telling me how many complements they are getting on their awesome boots with the fur. They love them.

I entered that picture in a contest on Manitobah Mukluks Facebook page which won me a pair of THESE beauties...which are currently on my feet and the warmest most enjoyable boot I've ever worn, next to my yellow ones, and black ones...and white ones... Anyways! Stop on by Honestly...WTF and try you chance at winning a new pair of boots to enjoy when you aren't wearing you riding boots! Your feet will thank you!

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