Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21- Your perfect schooling outfit

Day 21- Your perfect schooling outfit
My perfect schooling outfit would be a nice comfy pair of breeches, tall boots that actually fit my leg (I’ve been struggling with boots for as long as I’ve been riding English…) and a polo that obviously matches my saddle pad. If it is a bit cooler I would wear a zip up fleece with a puffy vest over top. And it is so dumb but I would wear my velvet helmet. I think it looks better than my plastic schooling helmet. I have watched a lot of lessons over the years and I have seen a little of everything being worn. But I always tried to look the part. It’s dumb I know, but when I was a little kid, I would look at pictures of people riding and taking lessons and they always looked so sharp and put together so I always said that I would dress like they did if I ever got a horse.
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Gigatic polo...but still a polo...

schooling show. I miss that tail...

But since I don't do a lot of "schooling" anymore this is mostly what I dress like when I ride. I look like a hobo up in the sadde most of the time. And I make sure that my horse usually matches my hobo attire by having his tail bagged up and in an athetic sock instead of an actuall tail bag...
Yellow and I in Big Sky, Montana 2003?

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  1. don't we all wish we have lots of money to buy lots of fancy riding clothes :)