Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 25- Your dream trailer

Day 25- Your dream trailer

Easy question...This beauty.
 I''m kidding...I like this single horse beast.

OR this one...


OK, so I was kidding. These all look like deathtraps really...but in all actuality that is how I see trailers.. Trailers are terrifying to me. Absolutely terrifying. After my accident in the trailer I don't have any confidence in them or around them.

Our trailer
This is the trailer we ended up with. It had all the things I wanted. It was extra tall and wide, with a ramp and full escape doors, and the price was where we wanted to be. Still terrifying to me. But she does a good job hauling the horses, if we can get them in there. Piney didn't load in anything and Duke hates ramps. Pistol is like "pssssht, I'll ride on a flat bed if you want me too. Is that hay in there? I'm in." It is my dream trailer in that I've always dreamed of having my own trailer some day. And now I have one. It's not everyone's dream trailer, but it is mine.

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  1. bahahahahaha you crack me up! Love your choices ;)