Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13- Most Embarrassing moment

Day 13- Most Embarrassing moment

I’d have to say that my three most embarrassing moment are tied, and happened on the same day. I was out west riding a beautiful paint horse from my friends barn. He was mostly white, and the previous time I had ridden him he was perfectly groomed and shiny and white. This time when I arrived at the barn, some people had played a prank on his owner, who was very anal about keeping him clean, and drawn all over him in colored markers. He had tic-tac-toe marks on his butt, suns and stars, handprints, Michelin walking horse written across his rear, and some big circles around his eyes. It wasn’t so bad when we were riding out in the open, but we had spent a majority of the afternoon riding at Fort Abraham Lincoln Park, which has General Custar’s home. I had more than one person question me as to why my horse was used as a coloring book. The glare I got from some Native American’s really made me want to climb into a hole and die. I wish I could have told them, that I had nothing to do with it, and that it was done as a joke, not to be disrespectful in anyway.

That same day we had stopped over at another area to have some lunch. I was sitting on a picnic table holding my horses reins when a group of little girls and their mother came up and asked me if they could pet my horse, I of course said yes, when I looked over at my horse he was…well, he was relaxed, and letting it all hang out. Completely embarrassed I poked my fingers into his ribs and apologized, the mother giggled and turned bright red.

And finally the last embarrassing thing was after we had finished out little picnic lunch we decided to explore the park some more we thought it would be fun to ride up the big rock stairs (it was) but my horse for whatever reason had diarrhea ALL the way up the stairs…when I noticed what happened I kicked him into high gear and we got the h out of there. My friend had no idea what was going on until I told her a few miles down the trail. I still giggle thinking about that.


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