Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1 - when and why you started riding.

Day 01- When and why you started riding
From the moment I saw a horse I knew I wanted to be riding. I grew up in literally a one horse town. I mean I knew only one person with a horse. In Northern, NORTHERN Manitoba, It would have been much easier for me to get dog sled lessons, than it would have for me to get horseback riding lessons. So I begged and begged for a horse for most of my childhood. My parents could usually shut me up by bringing me to dude ranches where I could go on an hour long trail ride.

I still remember to this day the first horse I rode. Her name was Misty and she was a short bay mare. They were going to try and let me just follow along in the group, but I couldn’t get her going. I kicked, and I kicked, and nothing. So the leader ended up ponying me along. I felt soo cool being up in the lead. I basically lived on the CHANCE I might be able to ride again at dude ranches in the summer. And I usually got to ride once a year.

When I graduated high school, I was a foreign exchange student to Sweden. One of the first things I asked my host family was “are there any riding schools around here?”. So, sure enough we found me a riding school and I was taking weekly lessons on the horse I was leasing.

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