Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 15- If you could speak to any horse, dead or alive, what would you say?

Day 15- If you could speak to any horse, dead or alive, what would you say?

I would talk to Piney. And I would tell him this.

I am so sorry buddy. I wish I could have saved you. If the vet would have told me to walk you all night I would have, but he told me that he thought you’d be okay if I just put you back in the pasture. I would have gladly stayed up all night and kept you moving if I knew that it would have kept you here with me. I miss you every single day. I was in the barn the other night when I saw your halter hanging on your stall name plate for a split second I thought to myself that I still need to order a brass name tag for it, but then reality set in and I realized that you were still gone. I sometimes go out to the pasture, and sit out on the edge of the lean, I often stare off to where I found you that morning, it still hurts my heart. It is still really strange to go out to the pasture and not have your nose in my face.

Pistol has been such a good boy, and I know you didn’t like him much, but he reminds me of you. I often wonder if you come and visit me through him. He even kind of looks like you. I still wonder if you waited to leave me until you knew that he would be here to take care of me. I miss you all the time, but to be completely honest buddy, he is a lot more fun to ride sometimes. It’s nice to ride a horse that is going somewhere instead of your pokey, lazy, death march. I’m still not as comfortable with him as I was with you. But I feel that you are along with us when I go for rides on him.

You showed me how awesome Thoroughbreds can be. In fact i think you showed a lot of people how awesome your breed is. You were a confidence booster for scared and timid riders and the world needs more horses like you. Everyone loved you. In fact my friend's little boy who met you this spring still talks about you, you left a big, lasting impression on him. I plan on going back to the Dr. B's ranch where you found me. Do you remember that day? You wanted me to pay attention to you so bad, but I kept brushing you off so I could go and look at the grey horses. But when they turned out to be mean old nags i  turned back and saw you and how sad you looked. My mind pictured us all cleand up and in the show ring and how classic we could look together. You were as sweet that day I met you as you were the rest of your life. I'm so glad that I had you my life. I am glad that you gently introduced me to how fantastic OTTBs are. I hope that you can send some sort of message from the spirt world to the next OTTB that finds me to be as good of a boy as you were. But please don't let them know that trailering is as terrifying as you thought it was...I'd like a horse I can actually bring places...

I hope that you have found Yellow up across the rainbow bridge. He was a lot like you and I can’t wait to find you again someday. Keep on being a good boy, and I will see you again someday, I can’t wait to kiss that nose of yours.


  1. GAH! KK, thanks for getting me crying at work! This is such a sweet memoir! I hope that the OTTB in my future has a little Piney in them too. If only I could be so lucky.