Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 23- Picture of your favorite jump/combo

Day 23- Picture of your favorite jump/combo

I haven’t done a whole bunch of jumping in my time in the saddle. BUT that didn’t stop me from buying these sweet mini jumps at an auction for $3!! They are small, and not horse sized. But they are jumps none the less and kids seem to get as big of a kick out of them as I do. I thought I'd share them again...Obviously the jump with the chestnut is my absolute favorite jump for obvious reasons...



When Piney was still with me I used them and set up this little “course” and we went over them…*ahem* he knocked over every single pole. Every. Single. Pole. I had them nice and low but a serious case of laziness set in and he knew that I was riding by myself and was too lazy myself to have to dismount and get back on each time I fixed the poles, so he figured he’d just knock them all down and that would be the end of it…he was smarter than I thought…

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  1. aw sweet Piney..maybe he thought it was a game of knock them over vs jumping ;)