Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 18- Your grooming routine

Day 18- Your grooming routine

Grooming for me goes a little something like this.

1.Get to the barn, and grumble about how much I hate grooming.

2. locate my brushes that have somehow managed to walk away and land in different areas

3. catch horse and bring him to the barn

4. dig through grooming kit, for a curry, and realize that the one I wanted was still in fact missing.

5. lead horse around the barn to find curry laying on a fence post in the middle of the yard

6. bring horse back to barn start furiously currying

7. grab brush and flick dirt and loose hair off

8. look at horses legs and thank the stars that we no longer board at the muddiest place on earth.

9. check all for feet, and again thank the stars for them not getting mud caked in their feet.

10. quickly run a brush through the mane and or tail

11. give the horse a quick once over and realize they still look like a hag, but the important parts are done and I should be able to ride.

12. tack up.





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