Sunday, January 6, 2013

All the tack and riding clothes you have (brand/color/other details)

Day 06- All the tack and riding clothes you have (brand/color/other details)

Well I am not going to list ALL the tack and riding clothes I have because lets face it…I’m a tack sho. To be honest, I don’t really know of all the tack I own! Going into my barn is like a magical surpise some days where I exclaim “HEY! I din’t know I had one of these!!”
But lets get the main stuff taken care of.

Saddles – we have a bunch. Like more than we will need. But I can outfit just about anyone in a saddle to fit them comfortably. I think we have 8 saddles and one bareback pad…

15.5 inch Circle Y Park and trail saddle. Worked my ASS off to get this saddle, it was a gift from my old boss who told me I needed a real saddle and that my English saddle wasn’t a ‘real’ saddle.
18 inch (?) Aussie saddle without a horn. I bought this for $40, it’s in really great shape, but the truth is, I don’t know anything about Aussie saddles. So I haven’t tried it out…yet.

18 inch Wintec Pro Dressage with adjustable gullets and cAir. This is by far my favorite saddle. It’s SUPER comfortable, and when I get myself the gullet set I can adjust it to any horse. I LOVE the equisuede because when you wear full seated breeches you are basically glued into the saddle. Also it’s a time saver since it is such a low maintenance saddle, hose it off and you are good to go!

18 inch English AP saddle. This saddle was hubby’s mom’s saddle when she showed horses in the 60’s-70’s. It’s been stored in a basement all those years and is in wonderful shape. I need to go a bit more investigation on it, but I am thinking I will try it out on Pistol when the weather warms up.

Hubby has a 16 inch wade tree roping saddle. He loves it, but it’s too bulky for me. He really likes it.

We have two other 16 inch western trail saddles. One is brand new never been used, still has the tags on it and the other is an older used saddle. My father in law went to a tack auction last winter and totally helped my tack addiction by surprising us with a TON of new tack and saddles.

Hubby also has a western saddle that is out on loan to his cousin. It’s just a basic western saddle.

Weaver Blingy headstall and reins. These were also a “bonus” from my old boss for working long hours for little to no money. Its when they first started putting rhinestones on everything. Yeah, I’m one of those people. The bigger the bling on my western tack…the better!! I don’t show, and rarely ride in public so it’s totally fine. ;-)

This is my bridle here. I LOVE it. like seriously LOVE. The leather is buttery soft. I got it second hand from my old riding instructor/bo. It is a cob sized and was too small for her horse, and it fit Coneman like a glove. It makes me sad that I will probably have to replace it if I use it on a horse with a normal sized head. Pistol has a gigantic head so this will probably be a no go.
Duke’s bridle is one I absolutely love. It’s got Cross chonchos on it. I just think it looks beautiful. He is looking for some new reins, because Duke busted through the nice circle y ones he was using by stepping on them. I hate to say I warned them…

Pistol, well we weren’t sure what to do with Pistol when we got him so we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on his tack. We bought him the plainest, leather bridle that my hubby’s work sold. So he has just a plain boring head stall with braided.


I rode Piney in a Myler Comfort snaffle, love it, I switched Pistol to it. I’m not loving him in it yet, but I think more time and I will.
Duke rides in a curb. I tried him in a snaffle once, and it wasn’t pretty. Maybe I will try again
I have a huge box filled with other bits that I’ve never used, but end up with. Snaffles, tom thumbs, curbs, a Myler Dr. Bristol, driving bits and other various bits that I will never use on a horse. They ended up at my place and sometimes I like to look and them and think…OUCH! Might make a craft/art piece with some of them.

Saddle Pads.
Well I once said I had 47…let’s see if I can list an actual number

Maroon dover a/p
White pad with "horses" ribbon trim
Millers Roma Air Flow saddle pad in white

Dura-Tech EZ View Pad (missing the number pockets)

Tuscany a/p pad from Equine Couture (resembles a coach bag)

Square dressage pad with pink piping and pink and green argyle patern from Equine Couture.

Circut White square Sheepskin dressagepad (this is my FAV!) from Dover

Shedrow White swallowtail dressage (this one looks super classy)
Tipperary half pad
Grand Prix sheepskin half pad
and now on to...
Western blankets/pads (I don't really know the name brand of most of my western saddle pads, be ready for aweful descriptions)
Pink wool saddle blanket
pink and black thick saddle pad (with fleece)
red, black and white thick saddle pad (with fleece) (brand new in package)
red and black thick saddle pad (with fleece) (brand new in package)
Retro red, black and white show blanket with yarn "fringe"
Retro blue, white and black show blanket with yarn "fringe"
American flag patterned saddle pad (fleece)
And I think that is see I DON'T have 47 blankets and pads!! but I have enough to realize I have a problem
3 pairs of white Professionals Choice SMB 200's
black no name smb boots
black Davis splint boots
red Davis bell boots
White Professional's Choice no turn bell boots
15 (in various sizes and colors) vintage stable sheets.
2 1200 D Winter Turn out blankets in Navy Blue
Glover lightweight turn out size 78-80 (aka too small for my fat horses)  in hunter green
Glover nylon sheet also too small for my monster horses)
Tuscany Equine Couture sheet (too small for my horses...I think I need smaller horses)
In additon to this I have an entire barn FULL of tack and other various peices of equipment. I have just about everything ever invented for a horse! I have antique horse tack and driving equipment as well as modern equipment. I am adicted...








  1. haha don't you love how thinking about all of this makes you realize how much stuff we have! lol

    1. Right?! I don't even know how to use some of the stuff I have. Like half pads...from my understanding I have some really nice ones, but do you use them ontop of a regular pad? do you use them without a pad? so confused!

    2. depends on what your horse needs :) I use a square BoT pad then a half pad and then a Thinline pad ... makes sure Henry's back is a-ok :) I don't think he *needs* all of it per-say but I like to be safe then sorry!