Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20- Your favorite horse show

Day 20- Your favorite horse show

Okay so I’m sure this actually is supposed to be about a “Horse Show” where you bring your horse and dress up fancy and spend hundreds of dollars for a 95 cent ribbon. But since I’m not really a big show person I am going to write about my favorite show about horses!

I am a sucker for tv shows and movies that have horses in them. I get super depressed when the horse gets hurt or dies. I haven’t even watched the last half of Dances with Wolves in forever because I can’t bare to watch Cisco getting shot, and The first episode of “the Walking Dead”…wow, I felt like I was getting ripped to shreds by zombies! Sadly there aren’t a whole bunch of current tvshows with horses as one of the main caracters, but thankfully Netflix is filled with great shows I can watch instantly!

First on my list is Animal Planets show “Jockeys”. A lot of horse people will bash me for this but I love horse racing. It’s exciting.  Watching thoroughbreds running is so beautiful. This show mostly focuses on the big time Jockeys at Santa Anita, like Mike Smith, Aaron Gryder, Joe Talamo, Corey Nakatani, and Jon Court to name a few. Zenyatta was featured a lot in season one too. I loved the show too because it shows a lot of the behind the scenes of a race track. As some may know, my dear sweet Piney-boy raced a couple of times at Santa Anita, he broke his maiden there in his second race and won over $11,000. Of course he never won that kind of purse in a race ever again…but...that’s not important ;-) and he never had any big shot jockeys ride him, but he raced on the same track that Seabisquit once raced on, and many other famous horses. The same announcer that called his races called the races on the show. It’s just fun to see that side of horse racing.

Second on my list. Heartland. It’s a Canadian show about a girl who trains horses. While some of it is super cheesy, and horse people sit there rolling their eyes and saying “YEAH RIGHT” it is a fairly well written show and features all types of horses, with different behavioral problems that she manages to fix durring the course of a show. I just really like the show. Sadly Netflix only goes up until the 3rd season…but I have been hounding my parents in Canada to pick up the rest of the seasons on DVD for me. And I just adore the opening credits.


Third favorite show is SUPER CHEESY. Like really. Wildfire, was a ABC Family show from a few years back. Which features a girl who is fresh out of juvi. She had worked with a retired racehorse when she was locked up and they have a special bond. She gets released from jail, and starts working at a thoroughbred farm. Wildfire, the horse she bonded with gets sent to an auction, and then the girl goes and steals him. Longstory short the horse ends up at the thoroughbred farm and wouldn’t you know it, is an amazing racehorse even though he once sucked at it. It’s just a show that you can watch lots of pretty horses and have fun saying “yeah right”. My favorite part was when Wildfire was having trouble on the track so they put him into Dressage training to help him out…. Ummm what? I often like charcters best in the first episode. This is very true for this show. They got cheesier as the episodes went on.

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  1. Ha, I like your approach to this question! My sister watches Heartland and keeps telling me I should watch it. You know, horsey tv shows are almost always cheesy and definitely unrealistic, but I still like them. I did watch every season of The Saddle Club lol.