Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well I have a lot so here goes nothing.


My saddle is a 17.5inch black Wintec Pro Dressage with slimline stirrup leathers and foot free stirrups. I use a Professional’s choice girth with a black sheepskin cover that keeps Mr. Grumpy Grump less grumpy when girthing up. I use an Equigel cushion gel pad under my saddle to help keep Piney’s back from getting sore. I have a little collection of saddle pads. My main pad is my Circuit sheepskin square saddle pad its white and I love it. But my fun pads are my Equine Couture pads. I have one dressage pad that is white with pink trim and pink and green argyle printed on it. and I have a tan and brown a/p pad that reminds me of my coach bags. Then I have just some plain pads in green, maroon, and blue. My show pad is my favorite it’s a white swallow tail pad that I picked up at greenhawk tack in Winnipeg. I bought my bridle from my old riding instructor. I’m not sure of the brand but it came from the Dressage Extensions website and is the padded crown Swedish bridle. (I LOVE it!) I replaced the plain brow band with fancy browband I bought used on ebay. It has large clear rhinestones and doesn’t look too girly. My bit is a Myler comfort snaffle dee ring bit. It is awesome for those low pallet mouthed TB's!
I also have a 16.5 inch no name English saddle that I can’t seem to get rid of. It was the first saddle that was ever bought for me. It’s ugly and cheap and apparently stuck with me for life as no one will even make an offer on it.
For ridding attire I have numerous pairs of breeches. My very first pair I bought in Sweden at a second hand horse store. They are a cream color and apparently magic because they still fit, 11 years later. I have a pair of light tan tights from devon-aire that are sweet for hot days. My favorite pair are my black full seated breeches. They glue me into the saddle when I ride in my dressage saddle. I have a pair of pukey green pull-ons that the girls at the tack store in Winnipeg sold me because they were all the rage on their show circuit that year. I also have a few pairs of tan breeches that I think are from devon-aire and I have my white dressage breeches for show. My show “britches” are full seat and blindingly white. I have a show coat as well as a white dressage shirt and stock tie, as well as a few other show shirts. When I ride I usually just have on a tee shirt or polo in the summer. In the fall/winter in the arena I’ll wear my Northface fleeces or a long sleeved shirt with a vest. My boots are tall dress boots from Ovation. I also have a pair of paddock boots that I’ll wear with short chaps. I have a lighter synthetic pair as well as a suede pair that are pretty worn out.

My western saddle is a 15.5 inch Circle Y park and trail saddle. It’s a dark mahogany color. I use a professional’s choice girth on this one as well. My head stall and reins match my saddle color and are from Weaver. They are covered in sparkly rhinestones, of course. My western bit is a gorgeous curb bit with stars and fancy engravings but useless since I’ll never be able to use it on Piney. I have a breast collar that matches my bridle. I also have the matching spur straps, but I’ve never used spurs, nor do I know how to use them. My old boss got them for me because they matched my tack! My saddle blanket is from weaver and is pink. I bought it when I was headed out to get my new horse…Piney was supposed to be a girl…that’s why I bought pink.

When I ride western I basically wear jeans and whatever top fits the weather we are having. I always wear a boot with a heel, either my double h’s or my Ariats.

I also have various misc pieces of tack. I have a box full of bits, mostly torture snaffle bits from before I knew that they were as harsh as they were. I have an Australian saddle that I picked up at an auction for $40. I haven't tried it out yet but it looks comfortable, like a mix between western and english! I have bridles and girths, and tie downs, and breastcollars...a little of everything.


  1. I have a Courbette English saddle and a Billy Cook Western. Don' know if I will ever go back to English, but a spent a ton of money on that saddle and just can't seem to part with it! :-) How come Piney can't use your Western bit and bridle?

  2. That's how i feel about my western saddle. It was a gift but I picked it out and i know how much it cost, so I probably wont spend that kind of money on a saddle ever again!
    Piney, like many thoroughbreds, has a low palate so the port on my bit would do more harm than good. I could use my western bridle but the bit is too harsh of a bit for him. My hubby's horse uses a curb bit like mine so we might just use it on him.