Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 20- Your favorite horse show

Day 20- Your favorite horse show

My favorite horse shows to ride in were the schooling shows at my old barn. There wasn’t a whole lot of pressure as I was riding against the people I rode with every day. And it wasn’t really competition. We all cheered each other on and were eachothers biggest fans. The first time I showed piney we did awful. He had been off for a few weeks because he had been lame. (we finally figured his feet out and he hasn’t been lame since then! *whew!*) I rode him because he had been feeling better. We just did intro test a and b and we got 6th and 7th I think. The judge said that he understood that he’d been off for a while and that we had just started training a couple months before. He was also very impressed that for a former racehorse he was so calm. He said he wanted a whole pasture full of horses like Piney so he’d look like a great trainer because all of his horses were so mellow. He really liked him and saw the potential he has. Then I switched horses to my little white Arabian buddy horse for my training level tests and my baby jumper course. Then we really cleaned house and picked up the ribbons. Last year we had a fw schooling shows again. I was only able to enter one and that was the one that me and Piney got 1st through 3rd and Reserve Champion. He’s come a long way!

My favorite horse show to watch are the local AEER shows (Alpha Equis English Riders) They have dressage, jumping, and cross country. I love going and hope to one day bring my monster out and show him. I think it would do him some good to get out and see new things. My only concern is that they have most of their shows at the ND horse park which is also the race track. They have their dressage arena set up at one end of the race track and stadium jumping at another part of the track. The cross country course is in the infield. I think they usually have dressage in the arena that is in the infield though. But I imagine that I’d be doing my dressage test on the track and then Piney will see the final stretch and then take off like…well a race horse…haha. I highly doubt it as he isn’t a big runner anymore but it’s funny to imagine.

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