Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 11- Find a horse for sale online that you would want to buy

Well Of course I can’t pick just ONE horse I’d like to buy online. So I’m gonna post a few!

Horse #1

I really like this fellow, he's got two things going for him that I like...he's a palamino, and he's a thoroughbred! However he just doesn't have as thick of a blaze as I'd like. But none the less he is beatuiful and I wouldn't kick him out of my stable!
Horse #2
This guy is pretty cute too. again he doesn't have a thick enough blaze but He's got a very sweet look to him.
Horse #3
Now this guy has got more of a blaze. And I just think he is adorable!
Obviously you must be sensing a theme here. I love palominos. And its actually the only kind of horse I ever search for on the internet. mostly because I want to fool myself into thinking he's still alive and out there. but each and every horse I find just can't compaire to my old golden boy in his beauty.


  1. You're right - none of them are as nice as your guy was, not even close. What a beauty.