Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 03 - Your best riding

Day 03- A video of your best riding Your best riding

My best riding ever sadly wasn’t on Piney, it was on Wizard, that little white arabian I took lessons on. It was my last training level dressage test at my first show at my barn. The test was going awesome and everything felt like it was going right. I was doing my last 20 meter circle at the canter when I lost my stirrup, in my head told me to panic, slow him down and get my stirrup, but my heart and Wizard said “don’t worry about it!’ We are almost there!” So I finished the test up, halted and saluted caught my breath and heard my instructor call out from behind me “HOLY CRAP GIRL! That was your best ride ever! I’ve never EVER seen Wizard move like that for anyone! WOW!”

We ended up getting Reserve high point that day and it still tops my list of my best most memorable rides ever. Especially since I didn’t panic, and grab my stirrup. He took care of me and we finished perfectly. In lessons when that happened I’d freak out. I looked at stirrups as my safety net for some reason. I know now that I can manage without them sometimes too. I just wish I had video of that ride!

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  1. Great memory. Good for you for not panicking and good for Wizard for helping your through it.