Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 22- The importance of riding in your life

Day 22- The importance of riding in your life

Riding is important in my life because it was a lifelong dream of mine to be able to ride whenever I wanted. Growing up I got to ride once or twice at the dude ranch near our summer home in Minnesota. For that hour long ride I’d imagine that it was my very own horse I was riding and we were exploring the trails at my own home. But that hour ride would all too quickly come to an end and I would have to go home. Each car ride home I would tell myself that one day I’d be able to ride any day that I wanted to.

That lifelong dream came true the day I was given signed transfer papers for Yellow. I was now able to go wherever I wanted with my very own horse and we could do whatever we wanted and we did! We rode all over the farm where he was living, and we went on adventures up the road. Once we went on a horse camping weekend and we explored miles, and miles of beautiful winding trails. We even bathed and played in the river. All those dreams I had as a child had come true.

When I lost Yellow I gave up on my dream, but then I met Piney and now I have a whole new set of dreams. With Piney everything is different. Yellow seemed to know it all, while Piney is still learning. He is teaching me things and I am learning just as much as he is.

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