Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 24- Your best riding friend

Day 24- Your best riding friend

Well I have never had many horsey friends. Growing up all the girls seemed to grow out of horses but I never did. It wasn’t until I was about 20 when I met a new boarder at a barn I was leasing a horse at. She turned out to be my best friend for many, many years. We lost contact for a few years but we are now friends again. I rarely see her as we are in totally different social circles it seems but it’s always great to catch up.

She was the one that got me on the payroll at the private barn where I got Yellow. She ran the barn and I was her helper. We were attached at the hip and it wasn’t often we were far apart. We rode horses and played at the barn all day, then partied all night. Gosh what a life! We went riding all over the state, and went to Montana with the boss and his family. She pushed me harder than anyone ever has in terms of my riding. Her tough love got me where I am today. We had so much fun in the saddle together.

But I think more recently my best riding friend would be my hubby. Our riding styles are completely different and we butt heads about some things but we both love horses and love riding. I have learned though…don’t critique your husband’s stirrup length. Also, giving him helpful riding pointers along the way isn’t really a good idea either. He does things his way and I do things my way and thats how it needs to stay. We are both really looking forward to having our little country home set up so we can go for rides together every night.

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