Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 10- How your family/friends feel about your riding

Day 10- How your family/friends feel about your riding

To be completely honest. I don’t know. I don’t think my parents realized how important it was to me until Yellow died. They always knew I was a horse crazy girl, and they knew I had a horse but I think my mom only came out and saw Yellow once. After he died though I started noticing that they ask me more about Piney and I get presents that are horsey themed once in a while. I brought my dad to a tack store in Winnipeg with me once and he patiently waited while I tried on boots and drooled over saddles and tack.

My hubby is a horse person too. He gets a little mad at me when I give him helpful riding tips though. He has his way of doing things, and I have my way of doing things. We agree to disagree on who is right (me!) He knows that horses are important to me which is why we made the decision to buy a place where we could have our horses together. When I come home from shows with all my ribbons he is very proud of me his old work schedual kept him from making it to my shows but in the future he hopes to come. We have had a number of fights about my horse though. Mostly it was about how much he was costing each month. Things have settled down a bit since we aren’t paying anything for Piney to be up north. I think we are going up in a few weeks to go riding together.

A majority of my friends are non horsey people. They get blank looks when I start going off about how awesome my horse is doing. They ask about him but they don’t quite get the whole horse scene. I know when we were younger and I was busting my ass working at the barn where I got Yellow my friends saw horses as an incovinence. I had to do horse chores first thing in the morning every day and again in the evening. I had to miss out on dinners, and road trips because they didn’t want to wait around for me. We were young and our lives were about having fun, we didn’t have 9-5 jobs or husbands, or babies. So we’d be having fun hanging out or suntaning in the park when I’d have to leave to go feed my horses. They would get upset, but they know how important horses are for me and I love that about them.

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