Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 12- Favorite horse color

Day 12- Favorite horse color

Again, i can't pick just one! so here are my top favs!

Mellow Yellow!
Palomino, Obviously! I just love me a golden horse, but he's gotta have ALOT of chrome on him. Nice blaze and white socks are a must. Also must have lots of dapples!

I was supposed to load a horse like this into my trailer instead of Piney :-)
I'm glad I got piney!
Grey   Ever since I saw "the horse in the grey flannel suit" I wanted a big grey TB jumper. Here is a fun fact for you. Piney was supposed to be a BIG grey mare that I was going to name "Impulse". But all the grey mares I saw were mean, and they didn't have the light face that I liked. Plus grey horses turn white when they get old, and I'm awful at grooming!

Buckskin Who DOESN"T love Cisco from Dances with wolves? I really really want me a buckskin someday. but again I'm pretty picky. I dont want any white on him. Cisco in dances with wolves had a little white I think but I want mine yellow and black only!

And just because Chestnut didn't make my list doesn't mean I don't love Piney! I do love him, he's just not the color horse i would have chosen for myself! haha!

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  1. I like all of your choices. I also really like grulla.