Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend review and pictures!

I am home and still aching all over. I feel like I was dropped off a building. it's amazing how sore you can get from riding when you take a break. I have been going to zumba and recover from that quicker than I have from riding!
I am still super happy that the weekend turned out the way it did. Friday was just a bad day and the more I think about it, I got overly emotional. Hubby brought up a good point that maybe Piney thought when I dropped him off a few months ago he thought I was leaving him and never coming back for him. After I re bonded with him on Saturday he was back to his old clingy self, following me around the pasture, and watching my every move. He may have been going through a bit of a depression since I left him. Kind of makes sense really. There were just alot of factors into Friday being a bad day.
At first this was as close as he'd let me...and this was with my big zoom lens
Getting warmer...
Back to the cold shoulder or butt...
Last weekend we only took Tucker with us. My mom graciously invited Diesel and Pooper to go and stay at "camp grandma" for the weekend. She would have taken Tucker but he is a bit of a handful for most people. Actually he is a handful for all people. That Boston Terror energy that you gotta love! He had a blast with us. He was exhausted on the ride home though judging by the following pictures you can maybe see why. These were taken before he had a life changing moment where he learned what an electric fence was. He kept away from it the rest of the weekend. We also went on a nice long walk down the road. I love counrty roads!


This was mostly the view I caught of him all weekend.

Rare picture of Tucker-pants standing still. He's build like a halter quarter horse!
 Sadly I didn't get any pictures of me riding. We did alot of it though! Two rides Saturday and then one Sunday morning before we headed to the lake. That pony of mine is sure a good boy. I swear he was an old ranch horse or trail horse and not a race horse. He took to riding the country roads like he'd done it his whole life. And the fact we put a 4 year old up on him amazed hubby's whole family. His grandma said a few times what a good horse he was and that he'd be a great childrens horse. Hubby's aunt even said that she might want to give him a try sometime (she's had some bad horse riding experiences and swore she'd never ride again). I just couldn't be prouder of my monster. Hubby's cousin even hopped on bareback and said he liked him, he has plans of bringing his girlfriend out to ride and letting her take Piney. I of course laid down the law and some rules about him though. Everyone was impressed that Piney just stood there ground tied when I was tacking up. Who ever taught him that...thank you! hahaha He makes me look like a really good trainer. The more I thought about it this weekend, if Piney had been for sale, instead of me lucking out and finding him, and getting him for FREE, I probably wouldn't be able to afford him. I know, I know the horse market sucks right now and horses are going for a song. But for a horse with his temperment I know I wouldn't have been able to afford him. He's exactly what I need in terms of temperment and ability. When it comes time to learn things, we learn them together. He's a very understanding horse. I just love him

"HI MOM! I thought you'd NEVER come back!"

a little bit country a little bit english. I love my blingy
But basically it was a great weekend. I'm glad I got to ride. and I'm glad we are going back in two weeks to do more riding. Piney is a bit ribby, and he's lost alot of his muscle tone. But what the heck can you expect? He is still at the bottom of the pecking order, and shows no signs of a hostile take over. I'm no too worried about him.Everyone has noticed that he doesn't interact much with the other horses. When the horses were all in the barn he would be standing outside by himself. He keeps a pretty far distance between himself and the others. What i've also noticed about him is that he doesn't get buddy sour but he does get barn sour. it's isn't really bad but I did notice it. He is just a guy that likes his person and doesn't really get attached to horses! I've always kind of noticed that about him. I wish everyone could have seen how he went on our rides. He acted like he'd been doing it his whole life. the other horses we went with were pretty good too. They don't get ridden much. Hubbys horse did great for only being ridden once in the last year. He did cop a bit of an attitude on Sunday morning but it was because he wanted to be with his buddies and not Piney. When we FINALLY get our own place I'm sure he will get ridden much more. This weekend made me super excited to get our place so we can ride more often. I worried that Piney wouldn't be much of a trail horse but he confirmed that he's an all around guy that will do it!


  1. So glad you both enjoyed the visit. Love the pictures of Tucker - what a cute little guy!

  2. Now I am REALLY jealous of those action shots! Those are really terrific. I'm on a mission...I love the way they hardly touch the ground when they run. Tucker looks like he's having a blast! I kinda wish you would share the electric fense story, I know it's not funny and I'm glad he's OK, is kinda funny. Piney is a great horse, exactly the horse I want when I "grow up" har har. I am very happy that the week-end turned out better than it started.