Thursday, June 16, 2011

bad dreams, and rainbows

I had a dream the other night that someone accidentally sold Piney, and when I found out who bought him they wouldn’t sell him back. I woke up super sad. My day was shot after that! I was moving stuff around in the garage earlier this week and when I moved his winter blanket I caught a huge whiff of Pinecone. I held that disgusting thing in my arms and just breathed in the smell of him. I’m sure many people would be grossed out by that, but I just miss him so darn much! My pickup sometimes smells like him too because I have all my tack loaded up and ready to go from when we were supposed to go see him, but got sandbagging instead. THIS weekend we are going to go visit him! The weather better be good!! I don’t even care if I don’t ride. I just want to spend some time with my boy. Apparently he is in real need of some grooming. His winter coat hasn’t shedded out like the rest of the horses. Piney has the worst winter coat and doesn’t shed out like a normal horse. I remember when I first got him he was so disgusting. He hadn’t been groomed in over two years so his coat was long and it took a long time to get rid of his winter coat. But the silky coat that was hidden underneath was totally worth it! I’ve never felt a coat like his before.

Last night after work, hubby and I drove around and looked at some of the flood houses that are for sale. I think currently, there are 5 that we know of that are loaded up and ready to be moved. They are strored a few different places. I had talked to the owner of the building moving company who bought the houses and is selling them. When I was talking to him they were just setting down a house at its temporary location. So that was the first one we went out to look at. I didn’t go in there but I peeked in and it had a BEAUTIFUL updated kitchen! And it smelled new so it was probably recently updated before it was bought out.
House up on blocks on old sugarbeet piling sight.
 The next house was at the same location. The house was adorable. It was small but absolutely adorable. It was three bedroom one bath. Not recently updated at all and it smelled like overpowering air freshener, or carpet cleaner or something. I LOVED the oven! And I loved that it had cute green shutters and fluffy white valances in the windows that completed the cutsie look to it. However cute isn’t going to cut it as a place I want to live for a while.

LOVED this oven. It was the
centerpeice of the whole kitchen!

This house was adorable. Absolutely adorable!

Is this our new home???

We saw a HUGE double rainbow
driving around the country.
I wish I was able to capture the whole
rainbow.It was brighter than I've ever seen a rainbow.
ANOTHER amazing oven!!!
We then drove over to where the rest of the houses were located. There were three there and I’d seen the pictures of the interiors of them online. And the owner of them told me that they wanted to get them moved so we should take a look and make him an offer, if we find one we are interested in. I wasn’t impressed with the first two, but the third one was amazing! It was 60’s/70’s design and had very little updates. I fell in love with the tacky light fixtures, and the 60’s bathrooms. It had an almost matching oven like the one at the cutsie house. It was 3 bed two bath. And Amazing! It was the cheapest one, but it was going to need to be gutted. All of the outlets were 2 prongs instead of 3 prongs, the carpet was hideous, and the border in the kitchen was a bit much. Plus there was a fireplace in the living room that didn’t make it. So it was a big gaping hole that had been covered up for transport. The bricks from the front of the house didn’t make it either. So I guess I don’t know. What we are going to do.

We drove out and looked at the property that we are going to try and buy. I like it more each time we go out there. Of course when I look at it I see how much work it’s going to be to get it to not look like a jungle. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high either. By the sounds of things we won’t be getting the horses back here until August or September. Hubby thinks that if this property doesn’t work out we might just wait until next spring to buy a place. He said that we might just have to bring piney back for the winter and board him some place so that I can ride. AND so I don’t go crazy not having him around. It’s already starting to get to me. It’s not like I had much time to ride when he was here because it seems that I was too busy taking care of 18 other horses, but I did get to interact with him on an almost daily basis. And those times when I did have time to ride were awesome. Even if I just climbed up on his back and sat there while he fell asleep, was all I needed to make me feel better.

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  1. I for one, don't think it's gross at all that you hugged the hairy blanket. It's personal, I get that. As for the house hunting, Wow, you've got a lot of things to think about, my mind would be spinning with all the what ifs and what nots. Good luck with that! Loved the rainbows too.