Saturday, June 18, 2011


Okay yesterday was totally redeemed today. The boys brought the horses up to the barn. I was nervous but told myself it would be ok. Piney was a bit nervous, but it was because I was.
He was a hag and covered in mud and bird poop. So I brushed as much as I could and tacked him up. He is taller than I remembered and I had trouble hopping up. But I made it. Once I was up there I remembered that he was the same horse he always was. He was awesome! It was his first long ride in a long time. We went through tall grass, water and battled mosquitos. We mostly stayed on the road though and stayed in the back of the group. He was great.
We rode for about 45 minutes, then came back and had lunch.
I put piney in the little pen beside the barn and After lunch and a little rest I came back and rode him bareback around the pen he was in. Then Hubby's four year old cousin came up and I helped her feed him treats. She started out behind the fence. Then she got braver and came inside the fence. We then convinced her to get up on Piney bareback. Hubby went to the barn and came back with a little pony saddle that actually we got to fit coneman. We then lead her around and she loved it. I think everyone was very impressed with how great he was with her. He is a good boy.
After awhile longer we tacked up and went for another little ride. He went well for a bit, but then decided he was done. I was done too so we called it a day.
I'm really glad that today went as well as it did. He is a good boy and I need to remember that. Yesterday  was just an all around bad day. When I get to a computer i'll post some pictures and a less cell phoney entry. I'm glad today went the way it did


  1. So glad it worked out - he sounds like a very good boy.

  2. Good Piney! He's bonded to you and just fine with you to have enjoyed so much time with you in so many ways. Yay for the big red cone!

  3. Good boy! I'm glad it went well for you.

  4. Yay! So glad to hear things were better. Piney is a good boy!