Friday, June 24, 2011

I NEED one of these!!

Thought i posted this yesterday some how it was saved as a draft instead

I stumbled upon an amazing little website today called OTTB Designs. They sell saddle pads with an adorable little OTTB design on it.
Their motto is:

"Promoting Ex-Racers as Sport and Pleasure Horses"
(Love it!)
"Take pride in your horse's past, while training for his future"
(ABSOLUTELY love it)

$5 from the sale of each pad is donated to which ever thoroughbred charity you choose. How great is that??
 I want need one of these pads!!!
I'll take one in each color please!

I am in love with these! They would look so fancy on my boy! PLUS I'd be advertising to the world that he is an OTTB!

I might die if I don't get one of

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this design!!


  1. You absolutely need one... ;-)

  2. I think I hear the checkbook coming out...Really nice blankets, and the charity part just makes it even better!