Thursday, June 30, 2011

lazy, lazy, lazy bones

Yesterday evening Hubby and I were headed out to look at a place that just came on the market. (more on that later). He told me he had just gotten off the phone with his grandma who is so graciously watching out for Pinecone. He told me he had a funny story about Piney. I asked “what did he do?!?” and he said “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” I then asked then why is that a funny story? He rarely does anything! Apparently hubby’s cousin and his girlfriend went out to ride that day we left. They tacked up piney and he was great but when his girlfriend got on, he wouldn’t move. At all. Piney just stood there. They tried everything to get him going, hubby’s cousin even hopped on and couldn’t get him moving. They tried for about half an hour before they eventually gave up. That’s my boy, the world’s laziest thoroughbred!

I think it’s hilarious actually. A lot of people are scared of riding Thoroughbreds. They have the reputation of being hot, taking off at high rates of speeds and being difficult to ride. Then there is Pine Bend. He is only hot when the weather is hot out and that is temperature wise, not temperament wise. The only time I’ve seen him take off at a high rate of speed was when he was being particularly full of himself one spring and started walking off as I mounted and his foot got trapped in the mounting stool which scared the crap out of him. He took off at a gallop which lasted about 2 strides then he halted, at “X”. It was the first and last time he has ever walked off as I mounted. How he made it as a race horse for 4 years…I will never know. I will, however, be the first to admit he is difficult to ride. The first time I rode him was amazing and easy. The second time I rode him I was in tears because he wouldn’t move. It was then that I was introduced to riding with a dressage whip. I’ve since learned how to push his buttons and get him moving. Maybe he is just a one person horse. He was being used for lessons by beginners but it was when he was being ridden or worked 6 days a week. Little kids ride him but its only when I’m leading him, or he is following me. But Piney not moving is the kind of difficult thoroughbred I’d like to own. I’d rather have one that stands still than one that can’t stand still!!

We are headed up north to see the Coneman on Friday afternoon. Well actually we are headed up north to spend the long weekend with hubby’s family. But seeing Piney is an added bonus! I’m excited to get some riding in. Hopefully I can get on that lazy horse of mine and get him moving. Hubby’s little 4 year old cousin also has a new helmet and is excited for some more "riding lessons" from me.

Since the house buying trama we have started looking at other properties a bit more seriously. One came on the market this last week and we went and checked out the property a little bit. It is 2 miles from my old barn! I’d driven past the place hundreds of times and was always curious about it. it’s got a real long tree lined driveway but the property is pretty wooded. We’d have to do a lot of clearing to get some pastures/paddocks put up. My main concern is the overland flooding that occours in the area every year. If memory serves me correct the entire property is usually underwater in the spring. But then again I could be wrong. The house looks like it is built up a bit. Who knows we will probably look at it a bit closer in the near future. It would be great location for piney because if the girls from the barn were headed to a show we could just hop on in with them and catch a ride! Plus if I had any concerns about any bumps or scrapes my monster go I could call the owner of the barn/my riding instructor and have her stop out and check for me before I freaked out and called the vet.

The other property we have been looking at is still not on the market but expected to be listed next week. We drove out there and they have majorly cleaned it up. All the garbage has been hauled out of there and the house cleaned up a bit. I think the property is adorable. And I think that the house could be really cute with some TLC and some money. But hubby doesn’t think that the house is worth saving. We will just have to wait and see. But it doesn’t look like the horses are coming home any time in the near future. Sad. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in time we will have our little homestead set up!


  1. I bet it's hard not having your horses nearby. I'm sure you will find the perfect spot soon. I was wondering, how is the flooding for your family? Everytime I see something about it on the news it reminds of your sand bagging week-end. So tragic what has happened.

  2. @Mary it does suck not having them here! but atleast I'm not spending an arm and a leg to keep him anymore and we are saving the money that went was going towards board.
    hubby's family looks like they are going to be pretty safe where they are in Bismarck. But I know alot of people in Minot who are affected by the flooding. It's unreal!