Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well it looks like we may be taking a different route for our new home. Sounds like the deal is falling through on the one we have been waiting several months on. It’s a bit heartbreaking really. It still might go through but it’s not looking likely. We do have a few back up plans though. One of which is actually the property that got this whole buying a home ball rolling. This is the property I thought was a complete eyesore last winter when we went out to take a look at it. I mean it resembles a meth house or a hillbilly house or something equally as disgusting. The house was built in 1890 and is pretty run down. It’s sad really, as I LOVE old farm houses! I took a peek in the kitchen windows and the kitchen was pretty gross, looked like the previous owners threw one heck of a party before they left. The house was a foreclosure and is now owned by the government. It’s a prelisting and not yet on the market but the agent who is selling it told me to keep my eyes open for when it does come on the market as it will be drastically cheaper than it was last winter. If this is the route we end up taking, we plan on tearing down the house and garage/shop thing and having a house moved on to the property. I just don’t think saving the house is going to be worth it. The rooms look tiny and it’s in awful shape. However there are plenty of houses that are for sale to be moved thanks to our mighty red river! The city has been buying out homes that are in the flood zone and then selling them for cheap! I think the plan is to put a permanent dike where the houses were originally. To save hundreds of homes they have to lose a few!

But the chance to buy a home and have it moved onto a property is probably an opportunity we will not be faced with again. This is our chance to get the place we want and have it set up the way we want it!

As for the horses, well the pastures as they sit are a lot smaller than the other house. There are a lot of trees that will need to be cleared in order for the pastures to expand. But the entire property is surrounded by trees which I love. There is even a cute little red barn on the property! It has a lean to addition that has 4 huge stalls in it, as well as a hydrant for water. There are two stalls on each side with the hydrant in the middle. The previous owners opened up the stalls and doors and just let the horses come and go as they pleased, but there was a new 100 gallon water tank in one of the stalls. They also had big box fans hanging up in the corners as well as fly traps. We weren’t able to get into the little red barn part as it was locked up but it looked like it had a hay loft up top and a tack/storage room down below. The front of the pasture was a wooden fence that with some paint could really look nice! The rest of the fence is electric wire (there was a 5 mile charger in the barn. A lot of it is down but I think it’s all there. There isn’t any room the way it is set up now for an outdoor riding arena but there is a wooden round pen that is right near the barn. It is better than nothing I suppose!

I really think that this place could be fantastic once it receives some major landscaping and a new house. I love that it’s got a really long driveway and it’s not on a busy highway like the other one is. That makes me feel more comfortable with the dogs being outside and me not having to worry about them playing on the highway. They are going to have to learn about horses though…Diesel nearly lost his life when he was just a baby because he was chasing Yellow. Idiot!

But I am hoping that this ends up working. I want my horse home already! AND I want to start moving before the snow flies again! I don’t like moving when it’s freezing outside!


  1. Good luck with the horse property search. I've just gotten mine - now need a way to live on it.

    I'm also the owner of a very lazy thoroughbred - the only thing he's not lazy about is eating :)

    Thanks for following my blog - glad we found each other!

  2. Wow! That is crazy! I've never really heard of moving a house onto the property. Sounds easier than having to redo that old house. Looks like you have quite a bit to be excited about!!

  3. @Calm, Forward, Straight - I love lazy thoroughbreds!! They make me feel and look like a better horsewoman!

    @Ashley - buying a property around here is cheaper than paying board on a couple horses! It's gonna be an interesting process if it all works out! It's really weird seeing the houses that are ready to be moved up on blocks with big beams under them, it's even weirder to see them rolling down the highway!