Friday, June 17, 2011

Today is the day!!

SOOOOOO EXCITED! Today after work we are headed up north to see Piney!!! It’s only been about 3 months, not like I’ve been missing him or anything. I think tonight is going to consist of a lot of grooming and treat giving. Hopefully he hasn’t totally forgotten me! I’m sure he looks like a hag. They’ve had a wet spring up north and apparently his winter coat isn’t shedding out as well as the others. I can’t wait to see my big red buddy!

This weekend will be a test for both him and I. We do not have the option of riding in an arena so it’s going to be all riding out in the open. I’m bringing my western saddle but part of me wants to bring my dressage saddle with my full seated breaches since they tend to work together as a glue and lock me in my saddle. I am just so darn excited! I can barely even think straight! I am going to bring my lunge line with just in case someone decided that he’s a wild horse now that he’s been living the good life of leisure. I hope he’s still the same sweet pony that I remember. When I first got him he was living as a wild man and he was the calmest horse I’d ever seen. Fingers crossed he’s still the same.

I hope everything goes well this weekend. Ever since Piney smashed me into the trailer last spring. (Totally a freak accident that was the result of many wrong place wrong time events!) Hubby hasn’t really trusted him. He thinks that Piney is a brainless and crazy monster. I really hope that we can show him that he is the same sweet boy that he’s always been. Piney and I really have come a long way in our partnership. I know he’s a good boy and that he is a very smart boy. He’s had a different life than ALL of the horses he’s been around since he’s moved here. So I am able to forgive him if he slips sometimes. I understand that sometimes he can get excited and nervous in new places, he was after all, a race horse. I understand that the concept of trail riding is going to be completely foreign to him. But its going to be part of his new life and I just know he’s going to adapt nicely, as he’s adapted to just about everything else I’ve introduced to him. To be honest I’m glad that he spent a few years on the track because he’s been around big scary tractors, and loud noises and they don’t seem to scare him. If he does “spook” it’s mostly a quick dance in place with a loud snort or a full body shudder, a snort then he continues on with his life. We were riding outside last year right next to a combine and grain truck harvesting a field about 100 feet away. He didn’t even notice or care about it. But this weekend will definitely be a test for the both of us. I need to remember to breath, and relax. I know this horse better than anyone. Hopefully I can get someone to snap some pictures of us. I don’t have many pictures of me riding. I’m always the one behind the camera!

But that is all for now. I will try to post pictures from my phone this weekend. But cell phone coverage is iffy up at the farm. Full updates when I get back though!

I can not WAIT to kiss this nose!!


  1. Have a great time! That is one cute nose . . .

  2. I am very excited for you both! He might be a bit rusty, but I'm sure when he sees you he will be as happy as you! I believe horses remember everything and everyone they encounter. Enjoy!

  3. That is one kissable nose! Have a fab time with Piney!!

  4. Have a great visit with your horse! Even a day away from them is a lot.