Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm not sure if I've ever posted Piney's race pictures so here they are. I was able to get my paws on two of his win pics from one of his trainers. She was super nice and was so happy that Piney had a great retirement home.

It is so funny seeing him out there running his little heart out. I've watched some of his races too and it just blows my mind that my sweet lazy boy was actually a race horse and he actually won money. His racing stats are here if anyone is interested. He didn't win much money but it still says he is a winner! But he decided that once he was retired he was retired from running! it's very rare he will canter on his own, and getting him to canter under saddle takes some work!
But I just love those pictures though! Especially the second one where he is all streched out and looks like a fine tuned, supersonic speed machine! I just can't believe he is mine. He looks so young and fresh. My little racehorse! Below I posted some pics of him last fall. He looks ribby....but he only does that for pictures so people think I am not feeding him enough treats!

"Retirement is great! I NEVER have to run!"

Leisure boy!


  1. LOL the world's first lazy OTTB! How cute!!! That's so cool that his old trainer got those for you!

  2. Piney's a lucky boy to have found you. Those pictures are really neat. It's hard to beleive he raced, he such a mellow guy. What a great horse!