Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 30- Your Future With Horses

Day 30- Your Future With Horses

To be completely honest…I don’t know what my future with horses holds. Of course I plan on owning and riding horses as long as I’m able. I hope that one day when I have children they inherit my love of riding and horses. But I don’t want to be one of those horrible horse show moms screaming at their child from the side of the arena “Eyes Forward! WHERE ARE YOUR EYES??? HEELS DOWN!!” I’ve seen those kinds of moms and it makes me uncomfortable. Especially when their child is done riding and is holy terror who treats her parents like crap. I’ve seen those brats too.

I hope to adopt a few more OTTBs as space, time and finances allow. I will never bite off more than I can chew though. If I could I would bring trailer loads full of TB’s home from the ranch where I got Piney, heck I’d have my hubby’s friend drop off a couple each time he was hauling them out west. But I know that is totally unrealistic for me or most people for that matter. I love TB’s but I won’t EVER be featured on Animal Hoarders, you can count on that!

I hope that Piney and I have a long full life together, but you know what? If something happens to him and he is no longer ridable, he’s got a forever home with me. He is pretty much a lawn ornament right now and I’m fine with that! (Of course if we EVER close on our house then he won’t be just a lawn ornament anymore).

I decided just now, as I was writing this, to write my equine bucket list. Hopefully my riding future holds all of these things! (I’m a bit of a scatter brain today!! Please bear with me!)

Have my own barn. Set up the way I want it.
Gallop a Thoroughbred around a race track (hopefully Piney out at the horse park!)
Compete in Cowboy Mounted Shooting.
Win High Point Champion at a horse show. (I need to complete my ribbon collection! I’ve got all the others!)
Jump a 3ft or higher fence.
Ride a cross country course.
Compete in a costume class
Haul and load a horse trailer without fear.
Ride sidesaddle.
Show Piney in the parade of Breeds
Train an unbroke horse from the ground up.
Teach a horse to drive
Go to watch show jumping at Spruce Medows
Go on a Foxhunt (or mock fox hunt!)
Go to the Kentucky Derby
Ride a cutting horse (I’ve ridden some real expensive cutting horses just not on cattle!!)
Regain my confidence at the canter.

So that's it. That's my 30 day challenge! It's been fun to have a challenge. It gave me something to write about since I haven't had Piney around! Some of the challenge was very hard on me. Mostly because it had alot to do with Yellow. Writing that letter to him was tough on me. I wrote it so many different times. But there were alot of other great memories that surfaces with this challege. I've been meaning to do a photography challenge or a challenge about me so maybe I'll do one of those in the near future!


  1. Good job, I think you have a fine future with horses in it.

  2. I've seen those horse show moms and I abhor them. They've managed to take all the joy and fun out of riding for their kids, which is really, really sad.

    There is no beauty in the partnership when it's forced or considered a "job."