Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Turbo Diesel Dually

Since I introduced Tucker yesterday I thought I would introduce the next two in my little domestic wolf pack over the next two days.

Introducing Turbo Diesel Dually!
Hi! I'm Diesel! But my mom calls me "Punx" or "D-Bear" or "Baby Bear"

I love all seasons! especially winter!

Diesel is a five year old American Cocker Spaniel. I just think Cockers are the cutest dogs ever! When they look up at you with their big brown eyes you want to give them all the milk bones you have as well as all the steaks and meat in the fridge. They are fun little dogs too. They aren’t too big and they aren’t too small where you feel like you are going to crush them if you play a little rough. Being the smallest of the hunting breed they are dogs that LOVE being out in the great wide open. He really comes alive when he’s allowed to stretch his legs and hunt down some new smells. Once when we lived on the farm he tracked down half of a rabbit carcuss and was very dissapointed that I wouldn't let him in the house with it. I'd also find him daily sitting under a telephone wire barking at a bird perched on it.

Diesel is the only dog I have ever met that cannot swim. It’s not that he doesn’t like to swim or hates water…he just cannot swim. We’ve rescued him numerous times when he’s gotten too deep and risked drowning which is tough to do because you are laughing so hard at his pathetic attempt at swimming. When my mom was watching him one weekend last summer, she had to go up to her neck fully clothed because Diesel decided to go for a 7 am swim. We have to keep an eye on him because he just loves to be in the water. We bought him a life jacket so that he can swim and not risk drowning.
"I can't swim, but I sure love the water!"
Diesel also loves cats. He thinks they are the greatest things ever. One of his earliest playmates was a cat that thought he was in fact a dog. (Or maybe Diesel thinks he is a cat…hmmm) They would play all day. He now thinks that whenever he sees a cat they will play with him like his buddy did. Poor little fellow has had his nose scratched once or twice and he’s been hissed at more times than I can count. Diesel also loves his "fishies". I have an aquarium and he will sit there for hours watching them, licking the glass, panting heavily on the glass, banging his paws on the glass, or just sitting on the couch near them guarding them. He has a love hate with his "sucky" fish that cleans the tank. when it's on the sides of the tank he'll lick the glass. it's very weird to see.
"Listen here YOU!"

"YIKES!!! I'm sorry!"

Diesel is a really good boy. He also knows alot of tricks. His best trick is his sad cocker spaniel face. that gets him hugs and treats galore. I love him to bits and peices and can't wait until he has his own farm to run around again. I can tell he misses his farm dog lifestyle and we are working on getting it for him!

Baby Turbo Diesel Dually
Me and my best boy Diesel

"I'm happiest on a farm, where I can play all day!"


  1. That is so funny he can't swim AND loves the water, go figure. It's nice he's got a life jacket so he can still "swim" around. Does Tucker like the water? Fred's not interested at all. Deisel looks big for a Cocker, but like you said not too big not too small. He's a real sweetie!

  2. Diesel is pretty big for a cocker. which is funny since his breeder said he was the runt that was not expected to live very long!
    He's my buddy and he's a real good boy...even if he can't swim...

  3. Aren't spaniels water dogs?...hilarious! We had a blonde American Cocker when I was a teenager. Sammy was a great dog - always happy. Diesel is a lovely boy. Nice pic of the two of you!