Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boston Terror

For those of you who haven’t met Tucker, here he is.
Tucker is an 11 month old Boston terrier puppy, or as I call him a Boston “Terror”. Having grown up with a cocker spaniel, and then going on to own two cocker spaniels in my adult hood, I have very little experience with any breed of terrier. I knew that Bostons were a high energy breeds but little did I know how much energy they have. The only time Tucker is not a handful is when it’s time for bed and time for him to go into his kennel. He becomes dead weight and is a total snuggle bear, making you feel extremely guilty for putting him in his bed. Boston’s aren’t for everyone. They can be smelly, and their farts can clear the room. I only acquired this knowledge as we were driving home from the breeders with our new Boston terrier puppy when he let one rip. But he is a pretty funny little dog with tons of personality. If he does something bad, it is usually immediately followed by something hilarious, which makes you forget what he did. When he was younger I’d often find him standing on the coffee table staring at me like I was the one doing something wrong.

"Tucker! Just let me take your picture!"

"Tucker! No sleeping on the couch at Grandma's!"

There is nothing that scares him. He boldly defends his family from the vacuum cleaner , and tries to scare off the weed whacker by darting 6 feet in front of it then running as fast as he can back and forth past it. He also makes sure that all the stuffed, foxes, ducks, rabbits, and teddy bears in the house have their stuffing removed so that they don’t come alive and attack our family. We’ve only met one thing that has ever scared the living daylights out of him, and rightfully so. Last weekend when we were at the farm Tucker being his brave trail blazing self was going to lead us through the smaller of the two paddocks out to the horses. He is quite the trail blazer, he likes to make sure it is safe for his family to continue. Plus he wants to mark his territory to let others know, he owns that farm. The little trailblazer was marching happily on his way as hubby and I were negotiating our way through ankle deep mud and muck when we heard a loud “YELP” followed by some little yelps and a Boston terrier who no longer wanted to head onwards. His little ears were pinned back and he was positive certain death was ahead. It seems little Tucker pants landed on top of a strand of electric fence. His little life most certainly flashing before his eyes as he fried the bejeepers out of himself. Thankfully he seems completely un harmed but a little humbled by his experience.

This is sort of what Tucker looked like after he got zapped, but he had a more worried look in his eye
We put him on his leash and tried to get him to go further but he was done. He wanted nothing to do with horses, or mud or zappy fences. He wanted to go home and go into his nice safe bed….after he found a big mud puddle to play in of course. He learned the hard way that electric fences are nothing to mess with.

He may be a handful, and he may be awful at times but I do love the little fella. He does have a big heart in that little body of his and can be awfuly cute most of the times. Tucker Pants is just trying to be a good boy.


  1. You just made my day! Thank you!Hopefully he'll get over his fear of "blazing ahead" Actually I'm sure he will, and he will give those wires a very wide birth. Before Fred was one, I accidently tossed one of his toys too close to the lamp cord, he got caught up in it and the lamp fell and the lightbulb popped, flashed. Long story short, after that, I never worried about him chewing on cords or anything resembly a cord. Hard way to learn but it only takes once for these guys. I love, love, love that back and white picture, the expression is soo cute!. I don't know what it is about the lower lip, but I just love to stare at it. Silly stuff. Go Tucker!

  2. @Mary I thought you would enjoy this post! I plan on posting about my Cocker Spaniels too but I thought I'd start with the baby. I too love the picture of tucker and his pouty lip! I am planning on having it blown up and framed.
    The picture of him chewing on my camera strap was a favorite in my photography class and the oneo f him sleeping on the couch makes me laugh. I could have a whole album of him sleeping in weird positions. Bostons are definately clown dogs though that's for sure!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I am going to attempt to teach Fred how to smile. Wouldn't that be hilarious? I taught my retriever how to do it, not sure if Fred has the "lips" for it. He's got one snaggle tooth in front that catches his lip sometime, I'm going to try to incorporate that somehow. Stay tuned...

  4. Oh my goodness, he's adorable! I want one!

  5. He's gorgeous! Love terriers - I have a Cairn, an Australian Silky and a Shi Tzu mix.

  6. @Mary I am excited to see how this turns out!!
    @Story Do you want this one? haha I am always "giving" him away to someone new.
    @Wolfie Terrors are new to me, I'm learning, but they are really fun dogs!

  7. My golden could compete with your terrier any day on the room clearing farts. Actually, let's never, ever have that competition.

    He is ridiculously cute!!