Monday, June 6, 2011

Horsey garage sale deals

This weekend hubby and I went out to visit my mom at our summer cottage. It’s a 45 minute drive from house. I’d seen on craigslist that there was a garage sale with lots of horse items that wasn’t too far from our cottage. I wanted to go check it out so we did. I’m glad we did! We got all kinds of great deals! Here’s a run down

Western saddle Pad - $1

Two Nylon tie downs -$1 each

Western headstall with crosses - $10

Western headstall, bit and reins - $2

surcingle - $1 

Draw reins - $1

english breastcollar - $1
Total - $18!!

Everything with an exception of the western cross headstall needed a good scrubbing. The draw reins, western head stall, and breastcollar needed oil and conditioning badly. I’m pumped that I got the training surcingle for $1. I’m not sure if they knew what it was because I asked the price and the guy asked one of the girls “how much for the English girth?” A few weeks ago at the horse fair I almost bought one for $40, and then earlier Saturday I saw one for $20 at Fleet Farm that I was going to go back and buy. But I lucked out and gone one for a buck! Sweet! The draw reins were sort of an impulse buy as was mostly everything else! I have never used draw reins in fact I’m not 100% sure they are draw reins but that’s what I’m calling them. And for $1, oh well if I never use them! I am gonna show them to my old riding instructor and ask if that’s what they are. I won’t use them until I know how to and need to.

Hubby had mentioned that he needed a new tie down for his horse a few weeks ago. So he decided to get one for a buck. They had a red, white and blue one that matched my breastcollar that I used for parades with Yellow that I decided to buy for the heck of it. The western pad was hard to refuse for $1. It’s one of those sticky, non-slip pad with breathable holes in it. I used to have one similar to it that had cost me a lot of money but a family of mice destroyed. I oiled and cleaned some of the tack on Sunday morning. The western headstall, reins and bit was bought by hubby as a back up to have in case something happened to his normal bridle. Upon closer inspection the reins were Circle Y and in pretty good shape. The headstall was vintage and had a real silver piece on the browband that was kind of pretty. The cross headstall was something I probably wouldn’t buy if I saw it at a tack shop, but it was really well made and in good shape for $10. I’m not sure of the brand but it had the initials “SB” stamped on the inside. It needed the least amount of work of all the leather products I bought.

They had a few saddles for sale too. There were two old no name English saddles that were going for $50 each. I thought they were too small and narrow looking to fit me or my monster. They also had some nice “expensive” western saddles for that were $300-$900 each. There was one saddle we were seriously thinking about and it was $100. It was a 14 ½ inch Crates saddle. It was a heck of a good deal but I ride in a 15 ½ inch and hubby rides in a 16. We don’t really have any immediate need for a 14 ½ inch saddle. Bummer. It had awesome stirrups too!

Thinking back there were a few more things I maybe should have bought at the rummage sale. There were some quilted leg wraps for two bucks, some gaming reins and a few fly masks, all stuff that is handy to have around. I maybe could have made an offer on the whole remaining lot as it was nearing the end of their sale and they wanted everything gone. Oh well!

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  1. Boy! That's quite a haul. I love when I get a relly good deal. Good job!