Thursday, September 9, 2010

Toughest photography subjects yet!

Last night I was faced with my toughest challenge as a photographer. Now I’m no professional, just a girl with a camera attached to her face at most every chance I get. I’ve taken pictures of babies, and I’ve dealt with Bridezillas. But yesterday I met a bunch of rowdy, wiggly monsters who would sit still for a split second before they were off again.


I love them! The owner of the barn has German shepherds and one of her females just came home from Montana where she was bred. The couple that was taking care of them while they were out there and the barn owner wanted pictures of all the puppies for a collage. So I did my best and it was the toughest assignment I’ve ever been handed. The pics I posted are my favorites of the evening. They definitely aren't the best pictures I've ever taken but I tried my best!! I’ll take a uncooperative, toddler any day rather than have to take pictures of puppies! Even if they were the cutest dogs on the planet!

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