Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I miss my monster!

So I am going through horse withdrawal. I haven’t seen my monster since last Thursday. With my wedding coming up in THREE DAYS I have been busy doing all the last minute preparations that needed to be done. And it looks like I won’t be out to see my monster until next Tuesday. I miss my big red horse.

Originally we were going to have Pinecone trailered to the wedding site to have some pictures done with him. But after our last fiasco of trailering him to a wellness clinic which was soon followed by my trip to the hospital we decided that maybe he should stay home. I don’t really need to be rushed to the hospital to have my head stapled back together and blood wouldn’t look too good on my dress. (even if it would match the bridesmaids red dresses haha!) So when I talked to the photographer earlier this summer she said that maybe we could go out and do a “trash the dress” photo session with him at the barn. She also said that she might use that day as a photography work shop with some other photographers in town AND I wouldn’t have to pay for it…woohoo!

I did get an awesome email from one of the girls at the barn yesterday. We had been talking last week about how busy I was going to be and that I wished someone could ride Piney and love up on him since I wasn’t able to. She said that her older boy (he’s 13) really wanted to ride him so I said that if it was okay with the barn owner/our riding instructor he certainly could. At the show he had ridden the horse he usually rides in lessons and the horse kept breaking into the canter. It wasn’t a wild out of control canter but I think her boy was a bit shaken from the experience. She sent me an email saying that he rode Pinecone yesterday and he was perfect. Her boy was smiling the whole time and that he is definitely a confidence booster. That makes me so happy! I am so proud of my boy!

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