Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Time To Review

It just came to my attention that I never explained the title of my blog. Good Time to Review was the registered name of my first horse. He was a 15.1hh palomino AQHA gelding. And when I say first horse I mean first everything horse. He was the first horse I ever fully owned. The first horse I’d ever went camping with. First horse I rode up in the mountains. First horse I ever went to drill team practice with. First horse to be kicked off the drill team. The first horse I ever rode in a parade. First horse I’d ever have nicker at me when I hugged him. The first horse that has ever dried my tears. And the first horse I’d ever lost.

So in honor of my buddy here are a few pictures of him. I wish I could have just one more ride on him...

This is my absolute favorite picture of him

At work

BIG SKY, MONTANA!! (sweet outfit huh? it was hunting season!)

havin a drink
on the way to Montana
I miss you buddy...

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