Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nothing beats a good ride...

Yesterday I ran out the barn to drop off something that the barn owner had purchased from TSC. I decided that since I was out there I was going to ride. But I was feeling pretty lazy so I just rode bareback. He was being pretty lazy too so I had someone hand me my “weapons” (dressage whips) and then he had a bit more go. As I was riding around the arena I realized something…I was riding an ex racehorse, bareback with whips…never in a million years did I ever think I’d be riding a thoroughbred bareback and certainly never thought I’d be using a whip or crop on one. I rode for about 45 minutes and he was perfect. When I hopped off I asked one of the students if she wanted to hop on him before she got on her pony. I think she was a bit nervous, but she did awesome. I just walked around the arena and he followed me. I really think he is going to be a great lesson horse someday.

I rode again tonight and it. was. AWESOME! We started out by trimming Pinecone’ mane and tail and all other little whiskers that needed to be trimmed up. He looks like a million bucks! Then I tacked up the monster and he was a little angel. He didn’t try to eat me when I girthed him which was a pleasant surprise. I climbed aboard and off we went. I didn’t go over the tests as there were a couple others working in the arena. Usually everyone is pretty good about moving aside if you want to practice a test or something but I didn’t feel like bothering anyone. When the arena cleared out we started working on getting a nice BIG trot and he was delivering it. I LOVE when he is actually going someplace! Then as we were going along I went for it…I cantered him. Yeppers, I just felt like asking for it and we did it! I’m so happy with my monster. We had no problem going to the right that seems to be favorite way. When I asked again going to the left he threw a little teeny tiny buck in the depart but after that was out of his system he was great. We only got a few strides in going to the left but I was quite pleased. Then we shoved his face full of treats. He was quite pleased with himself. We worked hard and he didn’t even work up a sweat, I’m so glad that its finally not super hot out and that he’s getting in better shape. I’m working on not being so scared of cantering him. He’s got the smoothest canter of any horse I’ve ever ridden and its HUGE. Apparently it’s gorgeous. I need to remember that he’s going to take care of me up there and he will stop when I want him to. In fact he is more than happy to stop if you want him to.

Since we have the show tomorrow, we scrubbed up his socks and he looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see us both all dressed up tomorrow. After I put the monster to bed, we had a little tack cleaning party. The barn owner, another boarder and I sat around and cleaned our bridles. It’s always more fun when there are other people with you. I am not nervous about tomorrow, my first ride time is at 11 so I’m not having to get up at the crack of dawn. WOOHOO! I’ll get a good nights sleep and then just have fun tomorrow.

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