Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Naughty Horses

Yesterday I went to the barn to feed as I normally do, and got a call from the barn owner on the way out saying that the stall cleaner bailed on her and was wondering if I could clean some stalls. No problem, I like cleaning stalls as long as I’m not doing all of them, every day. I’ve done that, it’s not my favorite. When I got to the barn I walked into the barn and stepped into a pile of crap, odd. Then I looked down the aisle and it was trashed! Everything was everywhere, the hay cart was demolished, there were manure piles all over, and then I saw him. Our Icelandic/gypsy vanner being followed by the 14 year old girl who helps me feed a few nights a week. She didn’t look happy. Apparently she got there and a whole bunch of the geldings were hanging out in the barn making a mess. We rounded them back up and threw them all back outside. Then it was damage control time. They tipped over the garbage and dragged the twine from the bales all over the south entrance, they knocked everything off every ledge they could find, and all the grooming kits on the stalls were shaken empty all over the aisle. They managed to break a water bucket in one of the stalls and that was spilled all over. One of the fire extinquishers was tipped over, i was amazed they didn't set that off. So we cleaned that up and feed the monsters outside because they were all spending the night out since we FINALLY have a nice stretch of good weather. Apparently the stall cleaner came in the morning to turn them out and forgot to lock the gate to the paddock with all the barn owners geldings. It’s been this girl’s third strike and we put an ad up on Craigslist last night for a new stall cleaner.

When I was cleaning my last stall the boy who has been taking lessons on Pinecone came up to talk to my instructor and she had me grab the monster for him. I then helped him groom and get ready to ride. They were having a jumping lesson and I was excited to watch. Pinecone was in true Pinecone form and a pile of lazy bones. The little boy wasn’t feeling good though so he didn’t have his focus on riding. So they cut his lesson short and I hopped on up. My riding instructor told him to watch me so he could see what I do to get him moving out. His attitude switched when I put my feet in the stirrups. I could feel him under me and it felt like he was saying “allllriiiiggghhhhtt! Lets show em what we can do mom!”

He wasn’t the lazy pile of bones anymore. Maybe it’s just I know how to make him do what I want him to do. The girls at the barn think it’s because I’m his person, and that he loves me and wants to make me happy. He doesn’t ever go as well for anyone but me. Anyways I started out showing the boy that Pinecone CAN have a nice big walk and not a death march. We then picked up the trot and over the poles we went. That big red horse of mine sure does love poles. We went over the ground poles and then over the small cross rail. I didn’t have it in me to ask him to canter today. I was sharing the arena with a little boy and the gypsy vanner so I didn’t want any shenanigans and I had to keep my eye on them. I went around the “course” a few more times then called it a night. He’s so funny when I’m done riding he always puts his head down and into me as if to say “mom was I perfect today?” I love him.

I honestly think my horse gets cuter every day. One of the girls was holding him and giggling she said “Pinecone you are so cute!” I had to agree.

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