Thursday, September 23, 2010

Look out we have a jumper!!

Last night’s lesson made me want to cry. It made me want to cry because everything went so right and it was perfect. One of the instructors was giving a lesson to a little boy and I just kinda hung out in the back of the arena just happy to be on my horse. Then she started setting up ground poles and a small crossrail jump for her next lesson and I asked if I could hop in on that lesson. She said “Sure!”

Right now a bunch of us are taking jumping lessons. We are still learning so it’s mostly ground poles and usually one cross rail. This was my first jumping lesson in about 7 years. So I was pumped! We started out with two ground poles by B and two more by E and a cross rail at X on the K X M diagonal. Having not ridden in a while I decided to just trot all the poles, as I didn’t feel comfortable asking for the canter just quite yet. Well as it turns out my little Pinecone LOVES poles and jumps. He perked up and was amazing! The little girl in the lesson even said “Wow! I’ve never seen Piney so excited!”

Halfway through the lesson the instructor set up a little course for us. And it was a lot of fun. Coming around one corner I asked for a canter and then got it we then proceeded to FLY over a ground pole. It was awesome. When we were done with the little course his walk was different. It was like he was strutting. If he could talk I imagine he would have said something like this. “Hey, did you see that? Yeah, I totally jumped that pole. I’m like the best jumper in this barn.”

My instructor had come in to watch us. She said that he just really must enjoy poles and jumping. When he does dressage he just seems to work his way through the test but he’s never excited about it. I think he finds dressage to be boring. And not gonna lie, maybe I have too. I think it’s because we are only doing intro level tests. If we get our butts in gear and work on getting a nice canter right when I ask for it, not half way down the arena, we can move up to training level tests and we will both have me fun with dressage. Then of course by next summer we’ll be doing Grand Prix level tests, obviously HAHAHAHA!

I am just blown away by how awesome my horse is. I know I seem to say that all the time, but I seriously mean it every time. I had a big grin on my face the entire time I was riding yesterday. He just keeps getting better and better. I feel like I don’t deserve him most times or that something has got to go wrong. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a horse and he’s things I didn’t know I wanted. I’ve never met a horse like him.

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