Friday, September 10, 2010

Sass Monster

I rode last night and it was great. Pinecone was definitely feeling his oats yesterday. He was alert and forward moving. I love it. I got my huge favorite trot out of him with very little “conversation” about it. When we were tacking up, however, I had a little sass monster on my hands. He’s always been a little girthy, and still is even though we switched to a sheepskin girth. My instructor thinks that he might have a muscle spasm in his girth area. Most of his attempts to nip at me were unsuccessful and met with a “QUIT!!” However as I was going to his off side to slide down my stirrup he bit me in the butt, when I wasn’t looking. He really goosed me! Ha-ha! I joked later that he was probably just trying to be one of those creeps that think pinching your butt is actually a type of flirting. Needless to say looks like we will be working on his manners.

But it was a great ride. I love him. I had some cavaletti set up and he really likes those. So after my wedding we are going to start jumping lessons. Hooray! My mom told me to wait until after the wedding so my dad doesn’t have to wheel me down the aisle in a wheel chair. Seems like a good idea ha-ha!

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