Friday, September 3, 2010

i wish i had more hours in the weekend...

We are having a schooling show at our barn on Monday. What I love about schooling shows is that it’s just boarders and students from our barn. We are a small group that has become a little family. We all help each other out and are there for each other’s highs and lows. It’s awesome. I’ve boarded at a few different places though the years and this is my favorite place. I just love it to pieces!!

Here are some pics of the barn I’ve taken.

I’m not to terribly worried about the show on Monday. I joked with my instructor on Wednesday that me and Pinecone are just “happy to be invited to the dance!” I haven’t been riding as much as I’d like with my wedding coming up in two weeks it seems there are a million other things that need to be done. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get to the barn and get my tack and horse cleaned up and maybe fit in some riding time too. Like I said I’m not worried. I am doing some walk tests that my instructor came up with as well as a walk trot test, and Intro A & B. Intro B always seems to be our best test for some reason. I just wish we were doing Prix Caprilli this year. Pinecone LOVES cavaletti! I’ve learned that getting stressed out and upset at shows doesn’t do a bit of good. If we do well…then that’s awesome. If we fail miserably…better luck next time. I often joke that piney prefers green and pink ribbons. Green since that’s his color and pink because it’s mine!

I just don't get to serious about dressage as some people do. I love my horse and I have fun with him. He makes me incredibly happy. if we never get past Intro level, i honestly don't care. He is my horse of a lifetime and I'm so happy i found him. He thinks he is perfect all of the time and he tries his little heart out for me. He's come a long way since I brought him home and he learns something new every single ride. I am so proud of my little monster even if he will never be a grand prix level dressage horse haha!


  1. Those are the best barns: where there's no drama and everybody is mutual and friendly, like a little family! That's why I love where Greta is at.

    And good luck at the show!

  2. I love my barn. Everyone gets along and its a fun enviroment. It seems that the boarders who don't make it very long are the anti social types. What i really loved was the first time I met the owner of the barn was she said that they have a strict No Gossip/Drama rule at the barn. Every other barn I'd been at was all about back stabbing, and gossiping. No one wanted to help each other out. and when you are trying to learn to ride as an adult it sucked!