Thursday, June 20, 2013

I saddled up.

Before you get to excited, I didn't saddle up George. I did however saddle up a big red horse and rode him around the yard for a bit.

Earlier this week I had a friend stop out to have some pictures taken. She just adopted another dog that she will be training to be a therapy dog. So everyone meet Shiloh.


He was a trained service dog who had been surrendered back to the organization because he had been mistreated. They decided for a few reasons to adopt him out to be a therapy dog instead. My friend and her other dog do all kinds of things to help people. It's really quite awesome. Dogs are awesome.

Anyways we used to board at the same barn and we spent a long time after taking pictures just chatting and catching up. Everyone from my old barn had moved to a new barn so I wanted the 4-1-1 on that. And then one thing led to another and she convinced me to saddle up Pistol and go for a little ride.

Pistol is much bigger than I think he is, when I see a picture of me riding. Let's skip past the part of me riding in my dressage saddle, a blingy western headstall, an equine couture polo, jeans and a pair of cowboy boots. If you can cut all that weirdness out, he looks really nice in a dressage saddle! He was a perfect gentleman for tacking up, even with the fact I was struggling to find a girth to fit his massive barrel. Thank goodness for girth extenders! I just rode around the yard for 5 minutes. He is a good boy, but he was really buddy sour. Duke didn't help the fact since he was screaming bloody murder the whole time. George was pacing the fence too. Seriously horses, you can still see him. He will be right back!
His body condition is actually really nice this year. Obviously he could use muscle, but as compaired to last year and, ugh, the winter,  he looks fantastic. It's really silly for me to say, but after Piney died, he just really started to drop weight. No matter what I did, I couldn't keep him fat. But finally this spring he started to come around. He looks younger and better than he has the entire time we've had him. He's still covered in battle scars but he looks wonderful.

I was going to ride again last night, but it was pretty hot and I had 1,000,000 things to do. Why is it there is never enough time?


  1. Oh man that sweet dogs face!! Adorable!

    Yay for riding! Sweet set of tack you have there :)

    1. He was the sweetest dog ever...and my barn cats ATTACKED him! They just kept coming at him and beating him up! I've never met a sweeter dog and then my cats turned into jerks around him!

      Don't be jealous of my tack. LOL For a tack hoarder you'd think I'd be perfectly matched!I mean I have a equine couture saddle pad that is perfectly matched to the polo I was wearing LOL

  2. Woo hoo for riding!! Maybe Pistol just needs an OTTB around?

  3. Gorgeous dog & yay for some saddle time! :)