Monday, June 17, 2013

George's new bff

George and Tucker officially met last night. Tucker is not allowed off of his leash around the farm. Mostly because he is a terrier, and his instincts are to kill anything and everything he comes in contact with. While this may not be true for all terriers, it is true for ours. His little brain just blocks everything out when he is focused on his target. So it's just easier to keep him on his leash. He's gotten out with the horses a few times and he had some pretty close calls. It's a good thing he's quick because the horses are not a fan of him. George wouldn't not leave Tucker alone last night.
They kept smelling each other. And at one point my heart stopped with Tucker went up onto his hind legs, and George squealed and stomped his feet. But right after, he went back up to Tucker and kept smelling him.

He just wouldn't leave him alone. Tucker went to the waterer to get a drink, so George went over and sniffed his entire body. He just couldn't get enough of that strange little dog.
In  tiny pony news. Dolly is doing a lot better. The first few days she was with us she kind of just stood in one spot, not eating or moving much. But now she is roaming about her little pony pen, and has been eating like crazy.
She is a very sweet pony. It is so weird to groom her though. I'm so used to my horses towering over me and now I am the one towering over her. She really enjoys human contact.
She really likes the cats, and the cats really like her.

Still has some shedding out to do.

Why hello there.

These tiny ears and floppy mane!

In other big horse news. The boys have been doing great. Pistol looks the best he's ever looked. I can't even get over how nice he looks. He actually looks younger and happier than he's ever looked in the entire time we've had him. I have been meaning to saddle him up and ride, but finding time to actually do that is almost non existent. Sadness. Oh and I had more pictures to upload but blogger wouldn't let me upload them. double sadness...
Maybe I can get those up later....


  1. Is Tucker a Boston Terrier?? We just bought one a couple months ago, we love ours, she is so feisty! :P :P George and Dolly are looking great! Dolly's coat is so funny, love the long hair! :)

    1. He is a Boston! He has got more energy than any dog I've ever met! He has a funny personality too!
      Dolly looks like a miniature Clydesdale...with a giant mop on her head lol!

  2. How cute are Tucker and George! Awww!

    1. George thought Tucker was awesome when he was restrained on a leash...I don't think he'd feel the same if he was loose!!

  3. Awww so cute!

    BTW I nominated you for an award :) Go to my blog!

  4. Super cute!

    Val loves my jack russell terrorist Q, but for her... not so much. She has personal space issue. Big snaps at him and he backs off in a hurry.

  5. I nominated you for an award too!

  6. I found my way over here from one of the Liebster Award nominations, hope you don't mind my tagging along to follow your adventures!