Tuesday, June 11, 2013

*WARNING* Someone definately had the case of the Mondays.

 Ever have one of those days. Where everything just seems like it doesn’t work the way you wanted it to? I must have had a major case of the Mondays yesterday. I was exhausted all day yesterday. And I mean it’s not like I did anything major this weekend that sucked the life out of me. But none the less I was exhausted. Then I got a text from my friends at almost 5 asking me to come out to dinner with them. Do you even know how much I’d love to be able to drop everything and meet them for dinner? But a little notice would be nice. Seeing as how I live 45 miles from town, and basically have a petting zoo at home to take care of, I can’t just drop my responsibilities and go meet them. It happens all the time and It makes me sad/mad. When I’m actually able to meet up in town, last minute for whatever reason, they never can meet up. I understand that they have kids and careers and just can’t drop everything to meet me. I’ve come to that conclusion that they are busy and have lives, but no one ever seems to realize that I have stuff to do every day when I get home. Then I said “come out to *my town* and we can go have dinner at the cafĂ©!” and I got the response that…”It’s too far.” What? I live to far away? Please tell me more about how far I live from town. I had no idea and I never make the drive into town. Oh wait a second… My commute is 450 miles a week…not including when we go to town to visit friends on the weekend.  Yet not ONE of my “best friends” has come out to visit me in the entire time I’ve lived on the farm. I get the same excuse. “it’s too far”. Yeah I get it, 45 miles is a long haul. I understood that I’d be giving up a lot when we moved to the farm, but you’d think my friends would care to come visit me, even once. I drive into town to visit friends on the weekend. They don’t’ seem to realize that the interstate goes both ways…When I lived 20 miles away I got the same excuse. I’m sure if I lived 6 miles away It would also be too far.

These days I correspond more with my ‘internet’ friends than I do with my real life friends. That makes me sound super, super dorky. But it’s true. I often email a ‘friend’ who I’ve never met on facebook to help her find a new thoroughbred and to hear about her struggles with the soundness of her current TB. I read blogs and after a while I start to feel like I know the writer and the horses they write about. I consider them my friends, as weird and creepy as that sounds. Some of them I’ve found on FB and it seems that I correspond more with them on FB than I do with my ‘real life friends’.  Last week I skyped with my friend in Australia for 3 hours for the first time. She was my partner in crime when we were exchange students in Sweden. We haven’t seen each other or talked in 13 years! But I needed that 3 hour chat session badly. I was really sad when we were done chatting. Maybe I need to skype with my friends in town. Might be the only chance I get to see and hear them. It’s not their fault that they have lives, and that I live to far away…We had the chance to move someplace even further away but I said that I didn’t want to because I’d be too far from my friends. I’m beginning to think that was a dumb reason not to move. I am currently, halfheartedly looking at new houses on the other side of the state and even a different state because chances are I wouldn’t see any of my friends any more or any less if I lived 40 miles away, or 400 miles away. Pity party, table of one.

When I got home I needed to section off the pasture. The horses are burning up the pasture faster than it can grow. I put step in posts across the center of the pasture, and then untangled the poly wire which took me about an hour and a half. I only put up one string, because the last time that’s all it took. I got it all hooked up and then wanted to test it first before showing the monsters their new perimeter. Well something spooked one of them and Duke took off through the fence, got wrapped up in the poly wire and made a break for it. He still had the main fence keeping him in, but at one point it looked like he was going to keep going through that. Yep, I felt like the biggest failure on earth. Why do I even have horses? I can’t even keep them safe and contained? So glad I spent all that time for them to completely destroy my work in about 1.2 seconds.

I gave up on that process and started to fence off another area of the yard, This time it had more secure, permanent fences on two sides, and I put up two strands of wire on the other sides. I had almost gotten it done when hubby asked what I had planned to do with the round bale that was in there. I thougth the horses could eat it. But apparently we are going to use it later, so I had to undo my fence and then go fence off the round bale. Well I had the fence plugged in and forgot to unplug it before I went to untie the poly wire. I shocked the bejeepers out of myself. I now have frizzy curly hair. Kidding. But not really. My whole arm hurt and my hand still kind of hurts. That fence could keep a t-rex in.
I have a new paint horse...

Me and my shadow!

Throughout the time I was out in the pasture working on the fence I kept finding wood ticks on me. No matter how many I have found on me in my life. I still freak the f out and flick them off. I think I flicked 6 of them off of me yesterday. But I still managed to get a few tick bites first. I fricken hate wood ticks. They are disgusting and serve NO purpose on the planet other than to spread disease.

I didn’t sleep well again last night. Not sure why. I think I am just too tired to sleep, and my mind has too much going on to the point where I keep waking up randomly to think about stuff I want to get done. I also worried about ticks crawling on me throughout the night. I hate ticks.

One good thing from yesterday was that Dolly has started to look less mopey. I was really worried about her because she had been standing in the same spot since Saturday. She is still in a pen away from the boys. And I think she was just really sad because she left some horses she was with four years. I know the feeling. She would just stand in that one spot and wasn’t eating. Even though she has more grass in that paddock than she would ever need she wasn’t eating it. I tried throwing her some hay on Sunday, and she seemed to try to eat that. Yesterday morning I gave her a little dish of beet pulp. She ate a bit of that. She just wouldn’t leave that spot. But when I got home yesterday she was in the middle of the pen grazing and she just seemed happier.

So here’s to hoping the week gets better.


  1. That's why I don't have friends. ;)

  2. Sheesh that is one fancy paint horse you have! ;)

  3. Like Carly above said....that's why I don't have friends. ;) Other than barn friends, blog friends and the like. Hahaha! I had a case of the Monday's as well..felt like I was going to puke all day then had to stay up until almost 4 AM just because I couldn't lay down or I felt worse. :P Everyone has those days..I hope your week gets better..til' then, at least you have a stunning new Paint!! ;) ;)

  4. George looks like Missy!;)

    Proud to call you my internet friend (and I one day will meet you in person!!!)

  5. Hahaha I so know what you mean about friends about yay far away ......the old " ....oh my gosh you way out there ...." .......never mind I drive the half hour trip to town each week to buy groceries and it's never too far for me .......so yes we all have those friends that can't be bothered with the drive. I think it is an animal ownership thing. The reality is to be able to afford the land you have to live that much further from town.......the downside is your friends all think you live in the wop wops so can't be bothered to come visit. So yes we turn to our Internet friends ....but have to say .....they are pretty darn nice!

  6. PS: Left you a blog award on my blog!