Monday, June 10, 2013


1: A time you've been scared for your life on horseback.
Absolutely. Trail riding up in the mountains in Montana with Yellow, he got nervous about going down a really small icy path and started climbing UP the mountain. The more he scrambled on the loose rocks the more he slid and it caused him to panic more. I looked behind us and saw a 90ft drop onto jagged rocks. So yeah to say I’ve been scared for my life is an understatement, I was most scared for his life.
This was about an hour before we almost died. Yes I have 74 layers of clothing on (it was elk hunting season...hence the orange). Yes I am trail riding in the mountains in a barrel saddle. And yes that is an athletic sock on Yellow's tail...This just screams experienced trail riders.

2: There's a huge party at your friends house or you could have a lesson on the same night, which do you go to?
What friends? LOL I moved 45 miles from home and I seem to have lost all of my friends. But seriously My friends have sort of accepted the fact that horses are kind of a big part of my life, and have always accepted that fact that I might be late to social events.

3: Favorite markings a horse can have.
are dapples a marking? lol

4: Would you rather deal with bolting, rearing or bucking?
umm None of the above. I guess I’ve only dealt with bucking and that wasn’t so bad, I guess it depends on the severity of it.

5: Agree or disagree; To have good eq means to be a good rider?

6: If you could try any discipline on any horse for 1 day, what discipline and what horse?
I’d love to try eventing, on any horse that can do it well

7: 3 horses you'd want to ride/meet the most?
Well I’ve read so much about So many of your horses that I want to meet them all, but three that come to mind are:
Karley’s Henry

Carly’s Bobby

And Mare’s Missy

8: On a scale of 1-10 how good would you say your seat is?
Hmmm I’d say about a 6.

9: One of your goals for the next year, horse-wise.
Get on the horse. Stay on the horse.

10: Would you rather teach lessons or train horses?
Uhh neither. But I must say I can train a horse to eat treats like no one’s business!

11: Have you ever given a lesson for money?
Yes, when I was taking lessons all the time, I was giving lessons to little kids. It sounds terrifying…but it wasn’t that bad.

12: If you were a trainer, would you want to train little kids, pre-teens, teens or adults?
Little kids. They usually are less freaked out than adults and teens.

13: Have you ever ridden someone's horse for money?
No. But I was asked to breeze some racehorses at the track for $20 a pop. Said no though. 

14: If given the opportunity, would you exercise track horses?
lol. I was given the opportunity, and turned it down. I’d only been riding for a short time by that point.

15: On a scale of 1-10 what is your confidence like in the saddle?
I’d say a 5. But it depends on the horse.

16: 3 things you need to work on, riding-wise?

Trusting myself

Heels down.

17: 3 things your horse needs to work on.
Each horse has things they need to work on.

Geroge needs to trust me. Pistol needs to stop being a creep when I NEED to catch him. Duke needs to calm the f down.

18. Top 3 favorite riders?
I don’t really follow a ton of riders other than all you blog friends! So you all are my favorite!

19: Is there anyone you'd say is a bad rider ? (don't give names)
 Thankfully I’ve never met the people I say are bad riders. But I’ve seen them, at rodeos and at horse shows. Usually at rodeos it’s at an even that starts with b and rhymes with “carrels” and it’s usually a friend and I have had a few adult beverages and get catty about the flapping legs, cranking on the nose and basically bad riding. But hey those girls have got bigger *ahem*…than I do.

20: Are you better on the flat or over fences?
On the flat, only because I have very limited experience over fences.

21: How high do you think you've jumped?
2’6” so lame.

22: How high do you think your horse would be capable of jumping?
I really don’t have an idea. George can probably jump high, but I want to get his hocks figured out first before I test him.  

23: Opinion on tackless riding.
It terrifies me. But it’s cool when some people can do it. I can’t.

24: Have you ever lied or over-dramatized anything about your riding?
Yep. And I will never do it again. When you go to those dude ranch places where you trail ride and basically follow the leader. Don’t EVER tell them that you have a lot of horse experience. Because they will put you on a horse that is an absolute nightmare and then you will be in charge of ‘training’ it the whole ride. So much for a nice relaxing ride to enjoy the scenery…

25: Do you think you're a good rider?
I know that I am, but I can always get better. And I need to believe that I am a good rider.

26: Ever had barn drama?
Um what barn doesn’t have drama? If you say you’ve never had barn drama. You are a liar.

27: Favorite things about the barn you're at?
My favorite thing is that my barn is in my back yard!

28: Will you show next year? If so in what?
I hope to maybe get my butt to at LEAST a dressage show this year even if it’s a western dressage show.

29: Plans for your horse over the next year?
Get on the horse. Stay on the horse.

30: Would you share your tack with people?
Sure. I have enough of it to go around.

31: Has a horse ever shattered your confidence?
Yes. I was doing so good with riding a few times a week, and even taking lessons on and riding horses that ‘scared’ me. Then Piney smashed my head into the trailer and I was back to square one. I didn’t ride for a long time after that.

32: Ever been scared to get on a horse?
Absolutely. I am scared to get on old George!

33: Do you get nervous before shows?
By nervous you mean crying your eyes out because you can’t find your dressage whip because it’s in your left hand and then going on to utter panic because you forgot your dressage test but are having someone call the test out anyways? Then no…never.

34: Hunters or Jumpers?

35: Last time you fell off? What happened? Were you hurt?
I think it was over 10 years ago. I was trying to hop on the little quarter horse mare I was leasing bareback. I went to hop on, had one leg on and she walked off and I slipped onto the ground. No biggie, I wasn’t hurt, but I layed on the ground and laughed. I was not hurt.


  1. You can come meet Bobby. Bring your trailer. George is getting a new friend.

  2. Come to CA!!! :) Henry and I welcome you with open arms! :)

    I love the "get on and stay on" comment lol